Allow Me to Take Over

You don’t need to seek some sort of ‘magical formula’ from Me to experience joy or goodness. Light is all around you, and accessible to you at any time. Perhaps you need to set aside your troubles for a while. Take a break from all the worry and stress by placing these cares into My capable hands. Allow yourself to take in a deep breath. Release. Soak in the comfort I offer you by lifting those burdens, even if you can only imagine this as a temporal thing. Try it now. Breath in deeply, embracing and packaging up all that burdens you and weighs you down. Hold that breath as you gather multiple items of concern and place it in a package to deliver directly to Me. Then release that breath, sending every item on for Me to unpack and address for you. As you relax and breath more and more easily, focus intently on the LIGHT infusing all around you. This is My Presence. Allow Me to take over. Ask Me to be in charge. Invite Me to show you how much I care about your every concern. As you do this, see how you become the Light you so long for by allowing Me in. 

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