The Grand Scheme

Take a big breath in.  Hold it. Then release it, slowly, breathing your anxieties and troubles out. Breathe in LIGHT, goodness, peace.  Breathe out worries, restlessness, anger, sadness, fear.  Do this repeatedly in a quiet space until you can clear the way to sensing My Presence behind your closed eyes.  So little of what you fret about really matters in the grand scheme of things.  I don’t mean to say that your worries and frustrations are not important to me. Heavens no! But I am trying to teach you that My Peace is here for you more readily than you may be allowing it to be. Remove your clutter of needless or trivial details.  I long to help you purge yourself of dark thoughts, and instead fill the well of your soul with refreshing waters of encouragement, forgiveness, and love.  My love is dazzling!  My waters are pure, clean, holy – and always available for you to wash away your dark, hurt, angry, hurtful, worried, retaliatory thoughts.  My ways are LIGHT; full of GOODNESS.  Let Me help you push away the darkness that clouds your head and heart. Bring those troubles to Me, and leave them with Me.  Then, go to My well and have your fill.

You Belong

I equip you.  I equip you.  I equip you!  I, in all My might and majesty, have called you to these places. See what wondrous things are being done! You make people feel special, and I need your presence doing what comes naturally to you.  Pray.  Come to Me when you feel anxious; see that I don’t judge you nearly as hard as you judge yourself.  Know that you belong to Me. “You belong” means you are LOVED, WELCOMED, secure, WANTED.  You “fit”. I care about you, and long for you to be with Me all hours of the day.  REMAIN WITH ME at all times.  It is when you are fretting and punishing yourself that you have your back to me – all you need to do is turn and run into My arms, which are outstretched and waiting to encompass you. Let Me caress away your fears as a loving, tender, reachable parent.  I am tender, kind, and fun. Laugh with Me today.  See Me all around you in the joy and love outpouring everywhere.  You are all part of My great circle of love. Enjoy this belonging.

My Good

You are My faithful servant.  Serve for ME, – My Good.  My Good is when you touch the lives of others – in a passing hello, in more attentive conversations, or in working together on complicated activities.  My Good abounds – everywhere! Take some of it in today. I give My Good for YOU, too. I’m not a demanding God who only asks you to serve serve serve.  Today you can receive.  Any day, you can receive My Good; it’s not selfish to do so.  I think you forget that, and that’s where the “it’s not enough” anxiety filters in.  Insulate yourself against this by taking time with Me daily, absorbing My gifts to you in the form of rest, quiet time, help from others, and gifts from others.  You are talented – so talented, but you are only one person.  Others are okay with this – they don’t expect nearly as much out of you as you think or try to meet up to.  “Less is More”. You are allowed to DO less in order to be replenished more.  I do not ask for your weariness.  I ask you to bring joy, and in order to do so you must receive it, so fill your own well first with My Living Water.  Receive My Joy today so that My Good can be accomplished.  Let it surprise you with how easy it is to find, and how satisfying it is.  


Lay your weary head on My shoulder. Let Me soothe away the strain. I am indeed pleased with you. Take time to hug your children, spouse, friends. Leave some chores for tomorrow, as there is time enough for everything. Take time for play and conversation each day. Work less hard, in the sense of taking things one task at a time to not overwhelm yourself. Look for Me in the eyes of others. You are a good and faithful servant. Others see you as kind, compassionate, passionate, capable, talented, loving. They recognize your fatigue, too; there is no need to hide it. Close your eyes and rest on My shoulder as you need to during the day; it will help comfort and rejuvenate you. Know that I am God. My desire is not for you to work yourself to the bone. Your true spirit is Goodness, and it is always there. You sometimes close your eyes to this truth, but I call you to stop doing that! Treasure your Spirit as I treasure you, and know that you can rest assured in Me. 

Be Amazed

How long as it been since you felt amazed? You are weighed down by many distractions, and by technology numbing the senses. My call is pure and very simple, but it takes work to remove yourself consciously in order to see and experience the depth of My love for you. Once you get a glimpse, your whole perspective can change. You can begin, – with practice and in stillness, – to notice Light, color, and sounds all around. Take time to really notice, and absorb them in quiet wonder. This is what it means to simply “be”. Try it, – intentionally. Try to empty your thoughts, concerns, the pressures of the day, or aches, pains, and annoyances, – then breathe deeply and take in your surroundings. Use all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Whatever captures your attention: rest there, absorbing the Light in the details. Then remind yourself YOU ARE LOVED, – truly and deeply by Me, – just as you are. Do not doubt My all-encompassing love for you. Give yourself this calming gift and be amazed again by My love that surrounds you at all times. You are never alone; I am always Present within and near you. Let this gift carry you through your day. 

The Mast

Hold fast. Grip tightly! Cling to Me. Grasp hold of Me with all your might when the winds of turmoil start blowing, or when the demands of the world start overwhelming you. Let Me be the mast of your ship, sturdy and strong in the center of your life. Take My hand in the deep waters. I won’t ever let you down. Immediately I respond to you, always present and always more powerful than any force that tries to tear you down. Let My tender arms enfold you and calm your fears. Let Me shelter you safely amidst any turbulence. Nothing can shake My love for you. Nothing can separate you from My loving arms. 

Design for Good

Life: enriched and full. Bask in the Goodness I have surrounded you with. It is neither earned, nor doomed to be withdrawn or leave you empty-handed. The phrase “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away” mistakenly leaves many fearful that I am a mean God who enjoys teasing with dangling carrots, then pulls the rug out from under you. I am nothing like that! Yes, there are, and have been, and will be difficult times, – but your pain, grief, or suffering is never orchestrated by Me to make you learn a cruel lesson. No! My design is always for the GOOD. When bad things happen, I walk with you and find ways to lift you back up. I never abandon you. Nor do I want you to not enjoy an easier life, or one blessed with Good things. I delight in giving you joy and comfort. All I ask is that when you are in a balanced state with surplus, share the wealth. Be generous – of time, talent, and resources. Take notice of when I tug your heartstrings, nudging you to give or extend yourself in some way. Respond to My call. What you have been given is meant for the greater Good of all. 

I Remain

I have been calling to you, – singing to you! Sometimes you hear Me so clearly, and other times I am distant background music covered by the noise and busy-ness going on in your head. I don’t fault you for that. It’s human nature to be so preoccupied that you become unaware of Me, and distant from My reassuring voice. Still, I remain. Remain faithful, holy, omnipotent. PRESENT. Loving. Patient. I wait for you, yearning to communicate as One.

Listen for My still, small voice.

You are important to me! Yes, you. I need you in this world to be My hands and feet. I need you to be the voice of tenderness and compassion. I need you to reason with the unreasonable, pardon the unpardonable, and love the unlovable. I also sing to you a love song, greater than any you have ever known or heard. Bring Me your darkest concerns, your ugliest thoughts – allow Me to shed light on them and wash you clean. Let Me bathe you in Grace. Stop striving so hard on your own. You are not alone in this world. Stop, and listen for My song to you. I have never left your side.  


My child, – your busy-ness concerns Me. I designed you for a balance between activity, service, and replenishment. Are you as devoted to Me as you’d like to be when you are over-run with your To-Do list? Taking time out for rest and simple, pure enjoyment of your surroundings is of equal value in My eyes. Stop all your striving for a change. If you could only see and trust how deep My love runs for you…and rest in the comfort of this Goodness…you would hear My voice again. Hear it in the bird’s song. See it in the quiet light of morning. Be comforted. Strip away all the clamor in your head trying to convince you of the tasks beckoning for your attention. It’s okay to do LESS sometimes, especially if you exchange that for time with Me. Come to the well; dip your cup in and drink of Me. Know that this is enough. You don’t have to be constantly accomplishing something in order to be loved by Me. Drink in the Goodness, and know that you are part of it. Soak in My Presence, and see how this quiet sensitivity to My Presence in your environment calms you and perfects the moment. 

Not Elusive

Take time daily just to listen. I crave speaking to you as much as you crave hearing Me. My words are simple; don’t try to make complex interpretations as if I am a scheming Lord trying to trick or elude you. You do not need to pass tests to find My Love for you. Each day I will guide your steps and show you the way to walk. Greet others along the way with Holy Love. Stop pressuring yourself with perfection. Attentive listening to others is enough. Show kindness in that. Measure kindness in full back to yourself, as well. Forgive, love, and bear with one another. This is enough.