Stand Down

Love your neighbor as yourself. It is not always as easy as it seems on paper. You will have to keep yourself in check. This means curbing your temper if it tries to arise, or your tongue if it seeks to make an off-color or derogatory remark. In a world of cynical, dry humor and negative stances poured out all over the media and social networks, My ways are atypical. My way, – choosing to step down in an argument or defer to others you disagree with as opposed to bantering or swinging back with words, – is challenging. Choose acceptance, even amidst opposition. Choose to love, honor, and respect others. I will guide you with Grace when and if it becomes time to speak up against injustices. Otherwise, stand down. My ways are radically different from the worlds, -but try it anyway. See how the union between your will and Mine makes a powerful and peaceful difference in your reaction to circumstances all around you.

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