Let Your Guard Down

 I call you to console one another. There are many who are hurting. (Even you, sometimes). You may be surprised at how I can still use you for My Good, even when you are at a low point. Find tenderness by reaching out: either as the giver, or when you need to be on the receiving end. Let your guard down. It is important to stay connected to others. I send companions for the broken-hearted (and for the anxious, too). It is when you are most vulnerable that others are drawn closer to you. You don’t always have to ‘tough it out’, or go solo. Share honestly with others I place near to you. Attend to your weariness, stress, and grief, allowing time for rest – and even for your sadness. I won’t leave you in that place, but I will meet you there. Weep with Me, and together we will move toward healing. 

Be Gentle on Yourself

Your pain – physical and/or emotional- is from stress. Take one thing at a time, and go back to being gentle on yourself. I chose this path for you, and I will absolutely give you enough strength to handle it. You have endured many trials before, and there is great Joy ahead. I know you are a hard worker and can handle much, but you are way too hard on yourself. I give you My Spirit to go with you, always, so look to Me for guidance. Take breaks. Listen. I will support you. Be content with the fact that you are doing all you can, and know that is enough for Me. I will take care of the rest of the details. Take time out to experience comfort. Your pain will recede as you become more gentle with yourself. 

In Good Hands

I know you are hurting. I have noticed all along. I know you say you will do anything for Me, but will you actually trust Me? I am making way for something new, and My plan is full of Goodness. I will lead you to great pastures. Work on knowing and trusting that I am present, and you are in Good hands. 

Put to Great Use

Your Spirit is connected to Me. I guide your footsteps to carry out My Will. It is Me who inspires, Me who creates – yet I do so in LOVE, not out of “demand”. My Will is to THRIVE in you with abundance and Joy! Your talent will be put to great use for Me. I am so happy with you. Remember that first and foremost. When you doubt that, you grow fearful and anxious, worrying about unnecessary things. I love you, – completely. I am not disappointed in you! You have great value to Me. Find Joy today in how you are being put to use for Me and for My world. I want that for you! 

Change of Heart

I will grant you a change of heart. Sometimes when you choose to live My ways of love, it feels like there is an unbearable price to pay; but the end result is always worth it. I want you to know I have heard you, and your life is in My capable hands already. I am working in your life, and in the life of those you love, as well. You will find loving them to be easier. Take comfort in that. I need you to continue leaning into Me. You are not strong enough to do this on your own. I will carry your burden. I will refresh you. I can help form a change of heart to the one who needs it. I have known what you needed even before you named it. I hold you tenderly, gingerly, — like a small and frail bird. I will not fail you. My love never fails, remember? 

Child-like Trust

You have been such a hard worker. I see your effort, and I know how hard you are trying. You have many talents! I will tell you where and how you should go in due time, guiding your feet on next steps when you are ready for them. Be open. Don’t be so anxious, because the truth is that I am always with you! I won’t let your feet stumble. I need you here at home and available to others for now. Don’t let yourself get down-hearted. Work on acceptance of My Good plan for you. I know you are scared and almost feel lost. I know. I am with you. Wrap yourself in My safe garments. Be child-like in your trust of Me even when the present doesn’t make sense and the future is unclear. Take My hand and I’ll walk you around My gardens and eventually down My path designed for you. Delight in this experience with child-like abandonment. 

Right Where I Need You

You are right where I need you to be. Stay strong and faithful. Any dark deeds of others will be overcome by My justice, so you don’t need to try to fix all that or figure it out on your own. Let it go. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the one in charge, and I have wonderful plans in store for you! Find your joy again in creating and in relationships so that your Spirit may be restored. Look to the heavens for where your help shall come. See? I do make all things new. My Grace can comfort you right where you are. Shine on! Bask in My warmth. Find and hold onto your Joy, even in this place. 

No Chance Encounters

My precious, precious child. You don’t have to be so anxious. You have done so many good works already! I am the way, the truth, and the life, – giving breath to you and those around you. Envision this holy breath-exchange as you build up others: family, coworkers, friends, — even strangers you encounter. It’s all part of My design, really. How simple are My plans if and when you choose to see them with MY eyes and accept your role in it all. No chance encounters are occurring. I gaze upon you lovingly as you interact and do My work. I am delighted when you take comfort in this. Look for Me, and you will find Me in your midst.