You can find comfort in Me. Let Me help stop the racing thoughts of details to finalize, or of worries about what impression you made. I will teach you to encourage yourself. Turn inward for a change. Take comfort and strength deep within as provided by Me to help you find the truth: I am your God and I am right here! I am in charge, leading you to a very important place. You have what it takes, and I will always equip you, remaining housed within your Spirit. Be comforted, comforting, and comfortable as you rest in the folds of My cloth. 

Grasp the Truth

Do you not know that I am God? Remember who you are talking to. My child, I will carry you. Grasp the truth that I have a specific mission for you with great things in store.  Hold on to that! I created you as lovable and likable. Please don’t question that. You can stop worrying about what is in store and start working on trusting Me instead. Make this your vision: “Surely goodness and kindness will follow me all of my days.” 

I will still love you

Why do you question Me so? Why do you cling to the doubt that binds you unnecessarily in insecurity and self-sabotage? My love for you is more than real: it is unshakable. My love completely covers every aspect of your life. Nothing, – no thought, action, intention, or decision, – goes unnoticed or unattended to by Me. Why do you hold on to a distorted sense that you are “not enough” yet? Why do you  believe that your thoughts are not pure enough for My viewing? Bring EVERYTHING to Me: all that you long for or fret over; all you desire, or are ashamed of. I will help you sort it out, and I will still love you, – always. Be reassured by that. Turn to Me and open yourself to trusting our relationship. You are forgiven, fully. I love you! 


Oh, My worried and anxious one. Can’t you see that you are EXTRAORDINARY? You are gracious, encouraging, welcoming, compassionate, smart, and LIKEABLE. Ohhh, so likeable! You are just what others need around them. Leap in to this day. I will overwhelm you with My good plans. Don’t be like Jeremiah, doubting your capabilities. I need your strong Spirit shining through. You won’t have to do it all – just be present to others and be an encourager, pointing out what is going right. Help lead to new paths with enthusiasm. The fatigue and stress of the past does not have to be your truth today. My way is Light. My way is Hope. My way is TRUTH. 

Inherent Beauty

You seek perfection, but I do not. You seek beauty, which I surround you with! Others see your beauty all the time, but you avert your eyes to their gaze. Your inherent beauty is actually one of your gifts – that is part of what draws others to you. I use you to draw others in and experience compassion, encouragement, tenderness, and joy – all present within and bestowed upon you. I want you to feel confident, but not only with your outward appearance. I want you to use your inner confidence to draw others in to My loving Presence within you, showing I am available in this way also for them. It’s a whole different way of looking at yourself. See with My eyes. Inspire others. Trust your evident beauty. 

Put to Great Use

Your Spirit is connected to Me. I guide your footsteps to carry out My Will. It is Me who inspires, Me who creates – yet I do so in LOVE, not out of “demand”. My Will is to THRIVE in you with abundance and Joy! Your talent will be put to great use for Me. I am so happy with you. Remember that first and foremost. When you doubt that, you grow fearful and anxious, worrying about unnecessary things. I love you, – completely. I am not disappointed in you! You have great value to Me. Find Joy today in how you are being put to use for Me and for My world. I want that for you! 

Big Things Can Come

I desire your happiness. You are getting tired, discouraged, and trudged down by life. I need strong, capable, compassionate leaders. I want you in that role! You can trust that this current life experience is giving you just the knowledge and skills you need. Big things can come out of this. I ask more of you, but not more than you can handle. I will give you adequate time with others, and you will find all the balance you need. Trust Me in this process. Try picking up on what you are learning through these trials. You can be at peace and even inspired today just by knowing that you are doing My work! Once you give in to My will out of love, not resisting or resenting your circumstances, you will find the happiness and peace which you have longed for. 

Child-like Trust

You have been such a hard worker. I see your effort, and I know how hard you are trying. You have many talents! I will tell you where and how you should go in due time, guiding your feet on next steps when you are ready for them. Be open. Don’t be so anxious, because the truth is that I am always with you! I won’t let your feet stumble. I need you here at home and available to others for now. Don’t let yourself get down-hearted. Work on acceptance of My Good plan for you. I know you are scared and almost feel lost. I know. I am with you. Wrap yourself in My safe garments. Be child-like in your trust of Me even when the present doesn’t make sense and the future is unclear. Take My hand and I’ll walk you around My gardens and eventually down My path designed for you. Delight in this experience with child-like abandonment. 

Released from Shame

Know that I AM the true source of power and of healing. My opinion is the only opinion that matters. I want you to let go of the shame that binds you! Throw it out of the window! This is part of my transformation of you back into the glistening design I intended. I can release you from your internal jail cell of unhealthy, self-imposed shame. The door is unlocked and open. I call you to come out, hold My hand, and walk by My side as My companion. I know how scared you are, but you are safe with Me. I’m never going to let go of your hand. Look for your face in My eyes, reflecting back the true, unstained image available. Breathe in My unconditional love for you, and choose trust as I help restore your damaged Spirit. 

No Chance Encounters

My precious, precious child. You don’t have to be so anxious. You have done so many good works already! I am the way, the truth, and the life, – giving breath to you and those around you. Envision this holy breath-exchange as you build up others: family, coworkers, friends, — even strangers you encounter. It’s all part of My design, really. How simple are My plans if and when you choose to see them with MY eyes and accept your role in it all. No chance encounters are occurring. I gaze upon you lovingly as you interact and do My work. I am delighted when you take comfort in this. Look for Me, and you will find Me in your midst.