I will give you the energy and the calmness you need. Your job will be to inspire others. You have the gift of encouragement; let that be your focus for now. Start by encouraging yourself! Acknowledge your own talents and giftedness. Be grateful for how I have designed and equipped you. Look for ways to focus your energy and passion. See how there is a capacity to change and adapt. Don’t give in to fear. Study what I place in your head to dream about. Let this become your new focus. Turn everything else over to Me. 

Be Still

Don’t drown out My voice with technology and unnecessary noise all the time. Take breaks from all that and BE STILL. Allow your senses to calm down from this over-stimulating environment. Delight in silence and Light. Listen for the smallest sounds; take notice of things around you in a new way. Observe this moment. Contemplate how I give you all good things. I accept and love you FULLY in this place. Connect with My Presence in this way, and take an inner peace away with you as you move on to the tasks at hand, knowing you are loved and you are Mine. Be grateful for this truth. Let Me take the pressure off of you. You never have to go it alone. 

Constant Companion

I hear your struggle.  I AM with you, – your constant companion.  Time alone with Me is good.  Do not feel bad about wanting that.  I am yours any time of day, any place…in the solitude and in a crowd.  Whisper My name.  Breathe in My calming presence. Squeeze My hand tightly and be ASSURED I hear you and see you, and wish to bring you comfort.  You can be grateful for that, and be strong against the winds of distraction.  Stand firm upon My rock. As you face that blustering wind, know that you need not fear or doubt your strength because I AM IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY with you. Just don’t let go of My hand, and keep your eyes on Me.  TRUST Me. Confidence is yours to hold. Behold My strength as your constant companion and refuge.  You are worthy of My love simply because I made you. 

Content with Life

It’s okay that you don’t feel 100% joyful today. I never intended you to experience only joy when you decided to follow Me. I do gift you with the capacity to be grateful, though, – and joy is born out of gratitude. I also offer simple peace to you, with open access to finding your fill of that. My peace is always available. It takes self-discipline to learn to set aside your worries , wishes, and needs long enough to hear My ever-present reassurance that ALL IS WELL. Return to simplicity of thought. In the present moment, practice allowing a contentment with your life just as it IS, knowing that your future is addressed by My loving hands.