You can find comfort in Me. Let Me help stop the racing thoughts of details to finalize, or of worries about what impression you made. I will teach you to encourage yourself. Turn inward for a change. Take comfort and strength deep within as provided by Me to help you find the truth: I am your God and I am right here! I am in charge, leading you to a very important place. You have what it takes, and I will always equip you, remaining housed within your Spirit. Be comforted, comforting, and comfortable as you rest in the folds of My cloth. 

Time for a Break

Let Me speak to you. You carry a lot around inside of you: worries, responsibilities, lists, and occasionally, resentment. I hear it, and I know it all. You are always striving to be on top of things, or ahead of the game. I don’t mind you being busy, and using the talents I’ve given you well, but I don’t like it when you approach the day as a drudgery, – resenting each task before you. When you get like this, it’s time for a break. Sit down in front of Me, and let’s talk it out. I’m not a slave-driver. I will speak to your depleted heart, cushioning you with permission to find Grace in rest, or to prioritize things that will recover Joy in you. Balance is essential for a with-God life. Alone time helps. Break time does, too. Come to Me, and re-fill your soul. 

Released from Dread

You have been coming to Me daily and I am healing you. You don’t have to let others get you down. I don’t want you to play judge. My way is only of Love. Continue to work on your obedience to My ways, and in that you will find Peace. Know that by the gift of Grace, I have already forgiven you. I have gifted you with a completely different kind of power: the power to forgive others, too, and be released from dread and resentment.  Shake the dust from your feet as you leave any hurtful places you need to move away from. Enter new doors shining like the sun, with dignity preserved and a sincere heart. 

Right Where I Need You

You are right where I need you to be. Stay strong and faithful. Any dark deeds of others will be overcome by My justice, so you don’t need to try to fix all that or figure it out on your own. Let it go. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the one in charge, and I have wonderful plans in store for you! Find your joy again in creating and in relationships so that your Spirit may be restored. Look to the heavens for where your help shall come. See? I do make all things new. My Grace can comfort you right where you are. Shine on! Bask in My warmth. Find and hold onto your Joy, even in this place. 


I know you are afraid. I can only tell you, “Don’t be afraid! I am with you and have called you to this new place because I have GREAT PLANS in store. You are favored with God.” It may feel lonely for a time, but don’t let that get you downhearted. I will restore you. See and trust in the Goodness I have instilled in you. Understand that others may not be unhappy with you; they are just caught up in their own fear of being judged poorly. You can stop misinterpreting their actions as displeasure of you. When you humbly recognize the ways I claim you as favored, you can decrease your anxiety and useless worry. Walk in confidence by My Grace. 

You Are Needed

A loving, devoted follower looks like you, too. I need you. Choose to believe Me, and envision this! It’s okay to have opinions, and I’ve given you a humble, Godly voice. Show your willingness to voice them and act upon them as a leader among My people. Are you surprised that I’ve chosen you to lead? Don’t be. You are equipped to be a strong leader for many reasons: first, you care, and are passionate and diligent in your follow-through. Second, you listen well, grasping needs with clarity and sensitivity. People value your opinions because they know you have good intentions. Some may seem surprised or intimidated by the strength of your word and your presentation. My Grace will help soften those edges, but it requires that you turn to Me for help, and trust Me to make the moves. Don’t be discouraged by ruffled feathers. Time makes those settle back into place. Do My work to make amends where needed. You are needed, and you are loved. This is the truth that you must hold on to with confidence as you walk into new endeavors in the days ahead. Don’t forget: I am with you always. I listen. I prompt. I nudge. I hear. Seek My words of Grace to come through you, in you, and with you. A new year ahead: calling you to help build My kingdom. 

I’ve Got This

You don’t need to be so afraid. I’ve got this. The day ahead may have unanticipated pressures, but I already know about them and how, together, we will resolve them. Move with Me, deliberately and intentionally aware of My companionship and might. With confidence, speak holy words of wisdom and thoughtfulness around others. When things come up and stressful tension starts to rise, pause, close your eyes, and envision My loving face reminding you, “I’ve got this.” I will help you figure out answers, responses, and next steps. Before you know it, the day will come to a close. All which needs to be addressed or accomplished will have been taken care of for this day by My Grace, and the rest is meant for another day. Pause often. You need Me, and you will find Me already in your midst. 

No Price-tag

Over-abundance. Excess. “Tis the season”. I used to be the reason for the season. I still am. The more you get sucked into shopping, cooking, parties, decorating, and gifting, – aiming for unattainable ideals of perfection, – the more anxious you become. I can help you with all of that. With each gift you purchase, pray wholeheartedly for the recipient. Pray that they will come to know Me, and find greater comfort, security, and satisfaction through our ongoing relationship. Then, leave that part up to Me and them, – silently, in your heart. I am an over-abundant God, seeking to lavish all with Grace and Love. You can feel free to give material things; just do so with a genuine and loving heart. There is no need for over-abundance. A simple gesture is enough. Don’t worry so much about being perceived as either “cheap”, “thoughtless”, or “excessive”. Aim for simplicity and kindness, and pray for their spiritual rest. I will supply that in excessive amounts to all who come to Me. Let Me be the supplier of holy wealth, with you being a conduit through prayer. There is no price-tag on that.

No Need to be on the Defensive

You are tired. I call you; listen to Me. It is time to quiet your thoughts, – time to replenish the well. This will help your anger to dissipate, too. You have earned respect, so there is no need to be on the defensive. WALK WITH ME. Bring Me into each encounter. Bring Me in as the stillness and calm you need. Use My gentle eyes. Be compassionate and forgiving with others. They are just frightened. I am watching; I am involved. See Me at the meetings and encounters you have today. See Me in photos painted moment by moment in your mind, – providing for your every need with reassurance and Grace. The Goodness will permeate here. Good triumphs over evil every time. 

Not Yours to Fix

I make all things new. I renew, refresh, revive, and rejuvenate. Stand for what you believe in. Others have their own pain; it’s not yours to fix. I am with them, and I am with you. I am present in all of this. Turn it all back over to Me. I will gently caress the fears, the hurts. Allow Me to heal. I can heal all things! See, I do make all things new. Focus on this Healing and trust Me.  Concentrate on your own tasks now. These are enough for your yoke. It’s not wrong to ask for support, – that’s why I put you all together. Do not fear impressions. See everyone’s goodness and feel on an equal plane with that. Enjoy whoever you encounter today. Demonstrate equality, kindness, respect, and love. Act with acceptance (of self and others!), and know that My Grace will handle the rest. Today is such a celebration. Live it joyfully!