I’ve Got This

You don’t need to be so afraid. I’ve got this. The day ahead may have unanticipated pressures, but I already know about them and how, together, we will resolve them. Move with Me, deliberately and intentionally aware of My companionship and might. With confidence, speak holy words of wisdom and thoughtfulness around others. When things come up and stressful tension starts to rise, pause, close your eyes, and envision My loving face reminding you, “I’ve got this.” I will help you figure out answers, responses, and next steps. Before you know it, the day will come to a close. All which needs to be addressed or accomplished will have been taken care of for this day by My Grace, and the rest is meant for another day. Pause often. You need Me, and you will find Me already in your midst. 

No Price-tag

Over-abundance. Excess. “Tis the season”. I used to be the reason for the season. I still am. The more you get sucked into shopping, cooking, parties, decorating, and gifting, – aiming for unattainable ideals of perfection, – the more anxious you become. I can help you with all of that. With each gift you purchase, pray wholeheartedly for the recipient. Pray that they will come to know Me, and find greater comfort, security, and satisfaction through our ongoing relationship. Then, leave that part up to Me and them, – silently, in your heart. I am an over-abundant God, seeking to lavish all with Grace and Love. You can feel free to give material things; just do so with a genuine and loving heart. There is no need for over-abundance. A simple gesture is enough. Don’t worry so much about being perceived as either “cheap”, “thoughtless”, or “excessive”. Aim for simplicity and kindness, and pray for their spiritual rest. I will supply that in excessive amounts to all who come to Me. Let Me be the supplier of holy wealth, with you being a conduit through prayer. There is no price-tag on that.

No Need to be on the Defensive

You are tired. I call you; listen to Me. It is time to quiet your thoughts, – time to replenish the well. This will help your anger to dissipate, too. You have earned respect, so there is no need to be on the defensive. WALK WITH ME. Bring Me into each encounter. Bring Me in as the stillness and calm you need. Use My gentle eyes. Be compassionate and forgiving with others. They are just frightened. I am watching; I am involved. See Me at the meetings and encounters you have today. See Me in photos painted moment by moment in your mind, – providing for your every need with reassurance and Grace. The Goodness will permeate here. Good triumphs over evil every time. 

Not Yours to Fix

I make all things new. I renew, refresh, revive, and rejuvenate. Stand for what you believe in. Others have their own pain; it’s not yours to fix. I am with them, and I am with you. I am present in all of this. Turn it all back over to Me. I will gently caress the fears, the hurts. Allow Me to heal. I can heal all things! See, I do make all things new. Focus on this Healing and trust Me.  Concentrate on your own tasks now. These are enough for your yoke. It’s not wrong to ask for support, – that’s why I put you all together. Do not fear impressions. See everyone’s goodness and feel on an equal plane with that. Enjoy whoever you encounter today. Demonstrate equality, kindness, respect, and love. Act with acceptance (of self and others!), and know that My Grace will handle the rest. Today is such a celebration. Live it joyfully!

Holy Timing

Delays in timing. Earth is so time-bound, and many tend to be impatient. Learning to ride the ebb and tide of events with acknowledgement of the Holy Movement guiding the current is a faith skill worth developing. This takes trust in the Master! Trust that I am looking out for you, that I am always involved and leading you exactly where you are most needed in the present as well as in the future. My intentions are good. If you are wrestling with the lack of movement or outcomes you don’t understand, stop. Pause. Consider how I used you already in this day. Who did you encounter? What did you feel drawn to notice or attend to? Act when I urge you to, planting seeds of consideration. Find My hand involved, and gather peace in that moment. Grace will carry you on with holy timing. Nothing is insurmountable. 

Vacation from Self-Criticism

No little oversight, no silly comment, or no missed opportunity to be thoughtful can make it so I don’t love you. I will ALWAYS love you. You chastise yourself far too much. If you allow yourself to recognize and soak in this truly unconditional love, how differently you would enter your day. Take a vacation from self-criticism for these next 24 hours, living in the Light of knowledge of My great love for you. See what tenderness evolves from this act. Be healed through this feeling of being totally accepted. This is Truth, made possible by Grace.  

Stand Down

Love your neighbor as yourself. It is not always as easy as it seems on paper. You will have to keep yourself in check. This means curbing your temper if it tries to arise, or your tongue if it seeks to make an off-color or derogatory remark. In a world of cynical, dry humor and negative stances poured out all over the media and social networks, My ways are atypical. My way, – choosing to step down in an argument or defer to others you disagree with as opposed to bantering or swinging back with words, – is challenging. Choose acceptance, even amidst opposition. Choose to love, honor, and respect others. I will guide you with Grace when and if it becomes time to speak up against injustices. Otherwise, stand down. My ways are radically different from the worlds, -but try it anyway. See how the union between your will and Mine makes a powerful and peaceful difference in your reaction to circumstances all around you.

I Remain

I have been calling to you, – singing to you! Sometimes you hear Me so clearly, and other times I am distant background music covered by the noise and busy-ness going on in your head. I don’t fault you for that. It’s human nature to be so preoccupied that you become unaware of Me, and distant from My reassuring voice. Still, I remain. Remain faithful, holy, omnipotent. PRESENT. Loving. Patient. I wait for you, yearning to communicate as One.

Listen for My still, small voice.

You are important to me! Yes, you. I need you in this world to be My hands and feet. I need you to be the voice of tenderness and compassion. I need you to reason with the unreasonable, pardon the unpardonable, and love the unlovable. I also sing to you a love song, greater than any you have ever known or heard. Bring Me your darkest concerns, your ugliest thoughts – allow Me to shed light on them and wash you clean. Let Me bathe you in Grace. Stop striving so hard on your own. You are not alone in this world. Stop, and listen for My song to you. I have never left your side.  


Be consoling to one another. So many of My children are grieving losses that go unnamed and unattended to. If all would soften their hearts and let down their guards, it would help healing begin. There is a time for sorrow, which cannot be rushed. Some stay stuck in their anger, or remain feeling hurt, betrayed, or helpless after a deep loss. I am a God who gives and takes away, but this term has mistakenly been used. Never do I inflict hurt or pain by inflicting tragedy or loss. I am not a mean-spirited Lord. As a God who knows sorrow and grief well, I accompany, replace, and nurture out of every loss. Turn to Me. My Grace fills the cracks and binds the pieces together in a new way. Be part of that healing Grace. Listen, attentively, and with soft words and compassionate eyes, you will be a vessel of My hand touching the tender wounds. I am thoroughly attentive to all your needs, and of those around you. Be My hands and feet in the world. You are needed, and you are loved. 

The Bouquet

Behold each person you encounter today as being a splendid and beautiful arrangement in My eyes. Their unique bouquet is designed by the Master Florist. It is not your job to judge the design. You tend to see with quick judgement, – calling things “beautiful”, “good”, or “well put-together”, or naming them as “not-so-pretty”, “not worthy of your time”, even “distasteful”. Work on softening your opinions and try considering My perspective as a filter to see things with a more gracious, accepting heart. This takes practice. It may call you to curb your appetite for gossip, criticism, or making negative remarks on the side to others. You can replace these habits over time with My help and with an intentional focus. Learn to stop and smell the roses in a new level of appreciation for those who are different from you. Find secret joy in this loving act of acceptance. Notice how it changes you more into My likeness. You may even discover that you can be less hard on yourself in the process. You are each an integral, beautiful, and much-needed component of My bouquet.