Down a Notch

Why are you so hurried all the time? The pace you drive is not always helpful or important. Teaching yourself to slow down would be a good thing, for it allows My hand to be more at work in your life. When you are rushed from place to place or activity to activity, it becomes too easy to overlook that which is essential in the moment. It also builds anxiety and stress, and My ever-present call to you is for peace. Bring life down a notch, even in the middle of this busy holiday season, purposefully.  See how much more aware you become of needs, and of My brilliance surrounding you.  You can then respond accordingly. Take secret pleasure in recognizing this spiritual accomplishment. My ways are not the world’s ways. 

God Can Take It

Posture yourself in such a way that you can remove distractions. Physically place your feet on the floor, and imagine them embedded in My word. If anything is uncomfortable, simply take note and acknowledge it, picturing Me receiving it. Physical discomforts, emotional distress, thoughts, concerns, worries…pile it on Me. I can take it, – all of it. Petty annoyances, too. It is these things that cloud your mind and weigh down your shoulders. I want to help lift the weight of the world off of you. I want your wellness, your balance; I need your right-focus. As you hand these items to Me, clear your mind to recognize My guidance. Breathe. Really, – breathe deeply and find calmness settling in. No matter what the day has in store, I am ready for you, and I am readying you for it, as well. Steady yourself this way as I equip you to deal with whatever comes your way. 

No Price-tag

Over-abundance. Excess. “Tis the season”. I used to be the reason for the season. I still am. The more you get sucked into shopping, cooking, parties, decorating, and gifting, – aiming for unattainable ideals of perfection, – the more anxious you become. I can help you with all of that. With each gift you purchase, pray wholeheartedly for the recipient. Pray that they will come to know Me, and find greater comfort, security, and satisfaction through our ongoing relationship. Then, leave that part up to Me and them, – silently, in your heart. I am an over-abundant God, seeking to lavish all with Grace and Love. You can feel free to give material things; just do so with a genuine and loving heart. There is no need for over-abundance. A simple gesture is enough. Don’t worry so much about being perceived as either “cheap”, “thoughtless”, or “excessive”. Aim for simplicity and kindness, and pray for their spiritual rest. I will supply that in excessive amounts to all who come to Me. Let Me be the supplier of holy wealth, with you being a conduit through prayer. There is no price-tag on that.

My Good

You are My faithful servant.  Serve for ME, – My Good.  My Good is when you touch the lives of others – in a passing hello, in more attentive conversations, or in working together on complicated activities.  My Good abounds – everywhere! Take some of it in today. I give My Good for YOU, too. I’m not a demanding God who only asks you to serve serve serve.  Today you can receive.  Any day, you can receive My Good; it’s not selfish to do so.  I think you forget that, and that’s where the “it’s not enough” anxiety filters in.  Insulate yourself against this by taking time with Me daily, absorbing My gifts to you in the form of rest, quiet time, help from others, and gifts from others.  You are talented – so talented, but you are only one person.  Others are okay with this – they don’t expect nearly as much out of you as you think or try to meet up to.  “Less is More”. You are allowed to DO less in order to be replenished more.  I do not ask for your weariness.  I ask you to bring joy, and in order to do so you must receive it, so fill your own well first with My Living Water.  Receive My Joy today so that My Good can be accomplished.  Let it surprise you with how easy it is to find, and how satisfying it is.  

Make It Through

Take Me to heart. Breathe me in and start your day with confidence, comfort, and assurance. You can make it through this day. This day is BLESSED. You are My hands, My eyes, My voice of HOPE to people in need. Take joy in this. It can give you energy back. If any resentment lingers, push it out, bury it, and be rid of it.  Find reasons to laugh today. I know it is hard – with family demands, overwhelming and exorbitant workloads to be done, and other pressures. As you attend to them, I will attend to you. Hear the bird’s song this morning – joyful, refreshing, new; singing you into this good day. Join hands with Me, your constant Presence reassuring you that together, we will make it through. 

Handle With Care

I am in charge. I want you to know you are loving and loveable. I give you this gift packaged uniquely as you. Handle with care. Be yourself, with no pretenses. You and others need a friend like this. Take care of yourself and others. Like Simon the Cyrene, you help share the weight of My cross. I’m grateful for the way you assist others with their burdens. Gather them in and show them love. It’s not selfish or self-centered to do so. Give them your eyes and your full attention. Your kindness, like your compassion, will shine through. Be kind to yourself today – EVERY day – and it will be easier to be kind to others. Don’t beat yourself up every time you eat; enjoy your food. Be healthy and playful today. You are helping others.

This Dance

You are MINE. I will use you for GOOD in this day. All you need to do is stay near Me and allow Me to lead in this dance of ours. Picture us moving joyfully together, and bring this playful spirit into each place you enter. Light and Goodness is in you and all around you. Share this Light with others, and invite them to “cut in” on the dance. Watch with equal delight as we move in the world, spreading joy.

A Reflective Stance

Stop trying to ‘be all that’ to everyone around you. I call you to obedience to My ways, not worrying about the impression you make on others. My ways may call you to be quiet and reflective as I replenish your mind and shift your direction. Open yourself to listening for My word and My guidance. I have many powerful and enriching things to teach you in this process, but I require an attentive student. Learn My lessons of love. For now, that is enough. Later I may call you to act justly or walk boldly, but for now I need a reflective, receptive stance from you. Listen and watch for what I want you to hear. 

The Mast

Hold fast. Grip tightly! Cling to Me. Grasp hold of Me with all your might when the winds of turmoil start blowing, or when the demands of the world start overwhelming you. Let Me be the mast of your ship, sturdy and strong in the center of your life. Take My hand in the deep waters. I won’t ever let you down. Immediately I respond to you, always present and always more powerful than any force that tries to tear you down. Let My tender arms enfold you and calm your fears. Let Me shelter you safely amidst any turbulence. Nothing can shake My love for you. Nothing can separate you from My loving arms. 

I Remain

I have been calling to you, – singing to you! Sometimes you hear Me so clearly, and other times I am distant background music covered by the noise and busy-ness going on in your head. I don’t fault you for that. It’s human nature to be so preoccupied that you become unaware of Me, and distant from My reassuring voice. Still, I remain. Remain faithful, holy, omnipotent. PRESENT. Loving. Patient. I wait for you, yearning to communicate as One.

Listen for My still, small voice.

You are important to me! Yes, you. I need you in this world to be My hands and feet. I need you to be the voice of tenderness and compassion. I need you to reason with the unreasonable, pardon the unpardonable, and love the unlovable. I also sing to you a love song, greater than any you have ever known or heard. Bring Me your darkest concerns, your ugliest thoughts – allow Me to shed light on them and wash you clean. Let Me bathe you in Grace. Stop striving so hard on your own. You are not alone in this world. Stop, and listen for My song to you. I have never left your side.