My Instrument

Taking one day, one hour, one project at a time will help you keep calm. I have the design, and you are My instrument. I will play you, beautifully, in accordance with My rhythm. You can rest easily knowing I am in charge, not you.  You don’t have to take things personally. Calm yourself through being one with Me, weaving in and around others spreading Joy and sensitivity. Make real connections. Know you are Good, and exactly where I need you to be. My design is at work, intricately, piece by piece.  I do this because I love you! ALL of you: your needs as well as your talents.  Take My Right Hand; – I will not let you fall.  

Slow Down

Your body is calling you to slow down, – to take it easy on yourself. Slowing your pace allows you to study Me and My action in your life, and in the lives of those around you. See it more clearly, more deliberately. Focus.  Fix your eyes on each task with heightened awareness of My Presence. Take note of Me, and acknowledge My sovereign involvement in, through, and over your life. Give thanks for all of this, and feel your heart swell with love and joy at our inter-connectedness. We are one, even in the most mundane, routine, or repetitive tasks. Slow your pace, and unite with Me. 

Be Ready…

Look to Me to find rest and direction. The joy is already in you, ready to spring forth. You’ve been bringing joy to others, but I think you’ve forgotten that. I am so pleased with you, and eager for the days and weeks ahead where you will celebrate a new beginning: doing things you love, with I in you and you in Me. Be ready to shine, eager to serve, and excited to meet and interact with people. Listen for My message, and take My lead when the way that’s been paved for you opens up. You will be nurtured and blessed simply by your willingness to be a part of things. Remember that I am in charge, and you need not be anxious. 

Time for a Break

Let Me speak to you. You carry a lot around inside of you: worries, responsibilities, lists, and occasionally, resentment. I hear it, and I know it all. You are always striving to be on top of things, or ahead of the game. I don’t mind you being busy, and using the talents I’ve given you well, but I don’t like it when you approach the day as a drudgery, – resenting each task before you. When you get like this, it’s time for a break. Sit down in front of Me, and let’s talk it out. I’m not a slave-driver. I will speak to your depleted heart, cushioning you with permission to find Grace in rest, or to prioritize things that will recover Joy in you. Balance is essential for a with-God life. Alone time helps. Break time does, too. Come to Me, and re-fill your soul. 

Put to Great Use

Your Spirit is connected to Me. I guide your footsteps to carry out My Will. It is Me who inspires, Me who creates – yet I do so in LOVE, not out of “demand”. My Will is to THRIVE in you with abundance and Joy! Your talent will be put to great use for Me. I am so happy with you. Remember that first and foremost. When you doubt that, you grow fearful and anxious, worrying about unnecessary things. I love you, – completely. I am not disappointed in you! You have great value to Me. Find Joy today in how you are being put to use for Me and for My world. I want that for you! 

New Direction

If I need you elsewhere I will lead you there. You haven’t “failed” here if things aren’t working out where you are. It is simply time for a new direction. See?! I make all things NEW! Jump on to the excitement of a new venture, a new train. Climb aboard! Remember Who has called you. You don’t have to earn or buy a ticket from Me. I want you to come along for the ride in complete faith, and show gratitude for the day ahead no matter what it holds in store. You may not understand why I have you where you are, but I know. I place you exactly where your worth is of value to Me. You can be confident in that, knowing there is a purpose for Good inherent in My plan. 

Right Where I Need You

You are right where I need you to be. Stay strong and faithful. Any dark deeds of others will be overcome by My justice, so you don’t need to try to fix all that or figure it out on your own. Let it go. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the one in charge, and I have wonderful plans in store for you! Find your joy again in creating and in relationships so that your Spirit may be restored. Look to the heavens for where your help shall come. See? I do make all things new. My Grace can comfort you right where you are. Shine on! Bask in My warmth. Find and hold onto your Joy, even in this place. 

No Chance Encounters

My precious, precious child. You don’t have to be so anxious. You have done so many good works already! I am the way, the truth, and the life, – giving breath to you and those around you. Envision this holy breath-exchange as you build up others: family, coworkers, friends, — even strangers you encounter. It’s all part of My design, really. How simple are My plans if and when you choose to see them with MY eyes and accept your role in it all. No chance encounters are occurring. I gaze upon you lovingly as you interact and do My work. I am delighted when you take comfort in this. Look for Me, and you will find Me in your midst. 

You Are Needed

A loving, devoted follower looks like you, too. I need you. Choose to believe Me, and envision this! It’s okay to have opinions, and I’ve given you a humble, Godly voice. Show your willingness to voice them and act upon them as a leader among My people. Are you surprised that I’ve chosen you to lead? Don’t be. You are equipped to be a strong leader for many reasons: first, you care, and are passionate and diligent in your follow-through. Second, you listen well, grasping needs with clarity and sensitivity. People value your opinions because they know you have good intentions. Some may seem surprised or intimidated by the strength of your word and your presentation. My Grace will help soften those edges, but it requires that you turn to Me for help, and trust Me to make the moves. Don’t be discouraged by ruffled feathers. Time makes those settle back into place. Do My work to make amends where needed. You are needed, and you are loved. This is the truth that you must hold on to with confidence as you walk into new endeavors in the days ahead. Don’t forget: I am with you always. I listen. I prompt. I nudge. I hear. Seek My words of Grace to come through you, in you, and with you. A new year ahead: calling you to help build My kingdom. 

Talk to Me

Asking for Me to talk to you is not weird, or ‘just magical thinking’. I am your Creator, and it’s natural and good to communicate with me often and fluidly. I want words and thoughts to flow easily and genuinely between us. My love for you is REAL. Our connection is true and valid. Prayer is not a fake thing. Try it again, if you haven’t done it in a while. Stop the worldly pace long enough to be still, and know that I am God. I want to calm your anxious thoughts, and soothe your worried mind. I want to listen and help soften your edges. I know the big picture of your life. Bring your thoughts to Me, – every one of them. I am here! Learn to recognize that I am listening, always. Listen for My voice, and learn to recognize My love and tenderness for you. Seek Me with all your heart, and find Me already with you. You don’t have to face the world alone. Talk to Me about it. Listen, and watch for evidence of My reassuring response to you. I am a trustworthy confidant.