Rest Alleviates Unwarranted Fear

Take a gentle day today. No rush. There are no real demands other than to slow things down. Life is very busy and, – although full of Goodness, – there is need for rest time. Indulge yourself in some time off. Leave some of the to-do’s for another day. I give you this: permission to NOT do for a day. Try it, and be faithful to it. See what joy this brings. You put so much pressure on yourself to get all the little tasks done. It’s impressive how much you accomplish, but I don’t ask you to wear yourself thin. I call you to a true day of REST, weekly. This has been hard for you to manage. Take it seriously. I need you to rest up so that you will be strengthened for what is ahead. Rest helps alleviate unwarranted fears. Trust Me at all times, and ingest My Light. 

My Good

You are faithful and talented, – so talented!, – but you are only one person. Serve for Me and for My Good. My Good is when you touch the lives of others, – sometimes in a passing hello, other times in more attentive conversations or  complicated activities. My Good abounds everywhere! Take a portion of it in today because I give My Good for you, too. I’m not a demanding God who only asks you to serve, serve, serve. Today you can receive, too. In fact, any day you can receive; this isn’t selfish. Insulate yourself against worry by taking time with Me daily and absorbing My gifts to you in the form of rest, quiet time, and help from others. I do not ask for your weariness. Fill your own well by first spending time with Me, receiving My Joy. Let it surprise you with how easy and satisfying it is to find once you recognize My Presence. 

Be Ready…

Look to Me to find rest and direction. The joy is already in you, ready to spring forth. You’ve been bringing joy to others, but I think you’ve forgotten that. I am so pleased with you, and eager for the days and weeks ahead where you will celebrate a new beginning: doing things you love, with I in you and you in Me. Be ready to shine, eager to serve, and excited to meet and interact with people. Listen for My message, and take My lead when the way that’s been paved for you opens up. You will be nurtured and blessed simply by your willingness to be a part of things. Remember that I am in charge, and you need not be anxious. 

Time for a Break

Let Me speak to you. You carry a lot around inside of you: worries, responsibilities, lists, and occasionally, resentment. I hear it, and I know it all. You are always striving to be on top of things, or ahead of the game. I don’t mind you being busy, and using the talents I’ve given you well, but I don’t like it when you approach the day as a drudgery, – resenting each task before you. When you get like this, it’s time for a break. Sit down in front of Me, and let’s talk it out. I’m not a slave-driver. I will speak to your depleted heart, cushioning you with permission to find Grace in rest, or to prioritize things that will recover Joy in you. Balance is essential for a with-God life. Alone time helps. Break time does, too. Come to Me, and re-fill your soul. 

Let Your Guard Down

 I call you to console one another. There are many who are hurting. (Even you, sometimes). You may be surprised at how I can still use you for My Good, even when you are at a low point. Find tenderness by reaching out: either as the giver, or when you need to be on the receiving end. Let your guard down. It is important to stay connected to others. I send companions for the broken-hearted (and for the anxious, too). It is when you are most vulnerable that others are drawn closer to you. You don’t always have to ‘tough it out’, or go solo. Share honestly with others I place near to you. Attend to your weariness, stress, and grief, allowing time for rest – and even for your sadness. I won’t leave you in that place, but I will meet you there. Weep with Me, and together we will move toward healing. 

Be Gentle on Yourself

Your pain – physical and/or emotional- is from stress. Take one thing at a time, and go back to being gentle on yourself. I chose this path for you, and I will absolutely give you enough strength to handle it. You have endured many trials before, and there is great Joy ahead. I know you are a hard worker and can handle much, but you are way too hard on yourself. I give you My Spirit to go with you, always, so look to Me for guidance. Take breaks. Listen. I will support you. Be content with the fact that you are doing all you can, and know that is enough for Me. I will take care of the rest of the details. Take time out to experience comfort. Your pain will recede as you become more gentle with yourself. 

Peace Comes from Within

I’ve already forgiven you, long ago and up to the very present. Now, forgive yourself. You are worthy of all of My love. I accomplish great works in you. You can be gentle as a lamb and courageous as a lion today. Your Spirit (which comes from Me) is much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your capacity to love is great. Be other-centered out of love for Me. Take time to rest. True Peace comes from within, no matter what tasks you are or are not doing. Use that as your mantra. Imagine My Light enveloping you, and know that NOTHING, – no debt, no mis-interpretations or mis-perceptions, no anxiety, – can get in the way of My love for you or penetrate My desire for your well-being. You are forgiven, and you are loved; therefore, you can be at peace. Now, go forth and live like it!


Picture Me in the room with you, right here, right now, – and even in the places I send you today or tomorrow, for I AM. Know that I am always with you, and all-powerful. Only My opinion matters. I have begun a good work in you and will bring it to completion. I am with you in all of it, so you can stop worrying. You make a difference in the lives of others. Proceed into this new year with confidence, knowing My Holy Spirit is your guide and your shield. No one else has power over you. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. You are a person of great integrity, and nothing can or will take that away. You can be at peace, show love, and then get some rest. Leave what remains up to Me. I am more powerful than anything that scares or worries you. Recall that I split the waters so that the troubled and persecuted people could walk through, escape, and move on. Picture Me splitting the waters and making way, protecting you in all of it. Proceed!

Take a Nap

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted or unsettled? Somewhere, somehow, – in the next 24 hours, – take a nap. Carve out time for yourself this way. My design is for you to include times of rest, for it is only in physically slowing down that you can hear Me and gain perspective. I know you crave a slower pace, and less demands on your time. You may be thinking “How on earth am I supposed to just stop and take a nap?!” It may feel like a ridiculous request. I won’t define how long it needs to be, nor will I expect you to fall into deep restful sleep. This may or may not happen as a result, but the point is to conscientiously SLOW DOWN. Be tender and attentive to your need for rest, giving yourself permission for a time out. Use this time of your choosing to quietly observe and absorb your surroundings. Place whatever comes to the surface of your mind intentionally into My hands. Hand it all over, and listen for a response. You need Me in this way far more than you need to be constantly productive. In seeking and in rest, you  shall be renewed.