You Belong

I equip you.  I equip you.  I equip you!  I, in all My might and majesty, have called you to these places. See what wondrous things are being done! You make people feel special, and I need your presence doing what comes naturally to you.  Pray.  Come to Me when you feel anxious; see that I don’t judge you nearly as hard as you judge yourself.  Know that you belong to Me. “You belong” means you are LOVED, WELCOMED, secure, WANTED.  You “fit”. I care about you, and long for you to be with Me all hours of the day.  REMAIN WITH ME at all times.  It is when you are fretting and punishing yourself that you have your back to me – all you need to do is turn and run into My arms, which are outstretched and waiting to encompass you. Let Me caress away your fears as a loving, tender, reachable parent.  I am tender, kind, and fun. Laugh with Me today.  See Me all around you in the joy and love outpouring everywhere.  You are all part of My great circle of love. Enjoy this belonging.

Opportunity Awaits

Celebrate! Opportunity awaits.Your time is valuable – so spend it well. Choose your attitude. Be playful as you are attentive to others. CREATE today – it’s in your Spirit to do so. Send letters, thanking others for the goodness they bring in your life. I AM the Great I AM: Don’t forget this! I AM in charge and looking out for you. I call you by name to tend My sheep and watch over My flock. Make My will complete today as you bring messages of hope to others.  There are so many opportunities and ways to carry this out. You can RELAX, knowing I’ve placed this open day in your lap. Relax and breathe, and do not allow anxiety to seize you up today.

This Dance

You are MINE. I will use you for GOOD in this day. All you need to do is stay near Me and allow Me to lead in this dance of ours. Picture us moving joyfully together, and bring this playful spirit into each place you enter. Light and Goodness is in you and all around you. Share this Light with others, and invite them to “cut in” on the dance. Watch with equal delight as we move in the world, spreading joy.

Not So Serious

Live up to MY expectations, not your own. Mine are softer than you think. Your pursuits and goals must be in line with the needs of My kingdom, and I want you to do what comes naturally and easily to you. I call you to lighten up on yourself and around others a little more. This may be at work, your home, your church, elsewhere, – reaching out in love, through playfulness and attentiveness. Find balance in rest, leisure, and quiet time – not working all the time. I expect purity of thought with helpful intentions and plenty of laughter. You don’t have to be so serious all the time. Let down your guard so that I can work in you, through you, and with you. See a playful God who accompanies you into this day. I created joy for many reasons. Find enjoyment alongside work. 

Design for Good

Life: enriched and full. Bask in the Goodness I have surrounded you with. It is neither earned, nor doomed to be withdrawn or leave you empty-handed. The phrase “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away” mistakenly leaves many fearful that I am a mean God who enjoys teasing with dangling carrots, then pulls the rug out from under you. I am nothing like that! Yes, there are, and have been, and will be difficult times, – but your pain, grief, or suffering is never orchestrated by Me to make you learn a cruel lesson. No! My design is always for the GOOD. When bad things happen, I walk with you and find ways to lift you back up. I never abandon you. Nor do I want you to not enjoy an easier life, or one blessed with Good things. I delight in giving you joy and comfort. All I ask is that when you are in a balanced state with surplus, share the wealth. Be generous – of time, talent, and resources. Take notice of when I tug your heartstrings, nudging you to give or extend yourself in some way. Respond to My call. What you have been given is meant for the greater Good of all. 

Hungry for Joy

Don’t allow anything to “steal your joy”. Not bills, not misguided desires for comfort, excess, belonging, or surplus wealth.  Self-consciousness is another trap, – locking you in places I do not wish you to be. Try to not allow the words of others impact you so much. When you give weight and power to the opinions of others, it tugs you away from awareness of My Presence and My constant love for you. Step aside from these traps. Walk safely next to Me, away from the dark thieves trying to entice you around corners that do not truly satisfy. Find the purity and simplicity of My joy, an unending well of supply available for you. There is Light around the corner when you take My hand. Instead of wishing for things that aren’t present in your life, or fearing things imagined but not actualized, acknowledge all the ways I am meeting your needs in the present moment.  I long to meet and fulfill your hunger for true joy.