Be Ready…

Look to Me to find rest and direction. The joy is already in you, ready to spring forth. You’ve been bringing joy to others, but I think you’ve forgotten that. I am so pleased with you, and eager for the days and weeks ahead where you will celebrate a new beginning: doing things you love, with I in you and you in Me. Be ready to shine, eager to serve, and excited to meet and interact with people. Listen for My message, and take My lead when the way that’s been paved for you opens up. You will be nurtured and blessed simply by your willingness to be a part of things. Remember that I am in charge, and you need not be anxious. 

Concentrate on Today

There is so much ahead in store for you! But I need you to pull in the reins and concentrate only on today. Everything will unfold in due time. I don’t want you to miss a single thing. Focus on your surroundings and interactions in this day only, noticing My intentional encounters put in your path these next 24 hours. Every time your thoughts try to jump to the future, reel them back in to the present. This way, you can find Joy and Peace in the moment. My Presence is here. You don’t need to worry about trying to figure everything out in advance. See how I am taking care of you, meeting your need of daily bread for body and soul. Relax, and receive My love for you today, – and always.

Inherent Beauty

You seek perfection, but I do not. You seek beauty, which I surround you with! Others see your beauty all the time, but you avert your eyes to their gaze. Your inherent beauty is actually one of your gifts – that is part of what draws others to you. I use you to draw others in and experience compassion, encouragement, tenderness, and joy – all present within and bestowed upon you. I want you to feel confident, but not only with your outward appearance. I want you to use your inner confidence to draw others in to My loving Presence within you, showing I am available in this way also for them. It’s a whole different way of looking at yourself. See with My eyes. Inspire others. Trust your evident beauty. 

Put to Great Use

Your Spirit is connected to Me. I guide your footsteps to carry out My Will. It is Me who inspires, Me who creates – yet I do so in LOVE, not out of “demand”. My Will is to THRIVE in you with abundance and Joy! Your talent will be put to great use for Me. I am so happy with you. Remember that first and foremost. When you doubt that, you grow fearful and anxious, worrying about unnecessary things. I love you, – completely. I am not disappointed in you! You have great value to Me. Find Joy today in how you are being put to use for Me and for My world. I want that for you! 

Right Where I Need You

You are right where I need you to be. Stay strong and faithful. Any dark deeds of others will be overcome by My justice, so you don’t need to try to fix all that or figure it out on your own. Let it go. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the one in charge, and I have wonderful plans in store for you! Find your joy again in creating and in relationships so that your Spirit may be restored. Look to the heavens for where your help shall come. See? I do make all things new. My Grace can comfort you right where you are. Shine on! Bask in My warmth. Find and hold onto your Joy, even in this place. 

On Guard

Wait and watch. I have something to say to you. Be on guard against those whose aim is not for Good. Concentrate on keeping peace and joy dominant in your own heart. Do not be afraid or succumb to anger. I am in charge of that situation; you can leave it to Me. I will protect you in all of it; you simply need to be wary of their ways. Be soft from within, even while you have your guard up,– knowing I am a trustworthy God with Might greater than any darkness. Make eye contact confidently, and allow the day to unfold with Me by your side. I may even surprise you with great Joy despite your surroundings. 

Light is Coming

The Light is coming. Even though much around you feels dark, encased with worry and fear that you might fail, My Light is there. Wait for it; look for it. My work with you is not finished. I know that some days you feel like you have to drag your feet to take the steps I need from you. You must trust that I see your reality. Though everything around feels like it’s supposed to be “joyful” in this season, the life you are living has its challenges and drudgery. Still, there is Light present. Even if it feels like the tiniest flicker, it is enough to light the way for you. Seek Me. Choose to wear My heart today. That is enough. 

Lighten Up

Find something to make you laugh, or at least chuckle about, today. Anything, – except negative or destructive humor. You could use a little lightening up! Being so serious all the time can weigh you down. It weighs Me down just to see your furrowed brow. I notice how hard you are concentrating, giving evidence to the pressures you carry. I so desire to change your outlook. Let Me brighten the view for you. Think back to some place or experience that made you smile or belly laugh. Try to recall what your face looks like when deep laughter takes over. I am still a playful and joyful God, you know. When you find yourself under a heavy blanket of grief, depression, responsibility, or anxiety, I will rest there with you; – but I still call My people to places, moments, and glimpses of joy. Laughter equals the sound of hopefulness. Seek this lilting sound somewhere in your day. Be that ray of hope for others, even if all you can muster up is a half-smile. That’s a start. I am truly a God of hope, with the promise of Goodness to arise out of ashes. Join Me, if you can, in a moment of giddiness to ease and delight your Spirit. 

You Belong

I equip you.  I equip you.  I equip you!  I, in all My might and majesty, have called you to these places. See what wondrous things are being done! You make people feel special, and I need your presence doing what comes naturally to you.  Pray.  Come to Me when you feel anxious; see that I don’t judge you nearly as hard as you judge yourself.  Know that you belong to Me. “You belong” means you are LOVED, WELCOMED, secure, WANTED.  You “fit”. I care about you, and long for you to be with Me all hours of the day.  REMAIN WITH ME at all times.  It is when you are fretting and punishing yourself that you have your back to me – all you need to do is turn and run into My arms, which are outstretched and waiting to encompass you. Let Me caress away your fears as a loving, tender, reachable parent.  I am tender, kind, and fun. Laugh with Me today.  See Me all around you in the joy and love outpouring everywhere.  You are all part of My great circle of love. Enjoy this belonging.

Opportunity Awaits

Celebrate! Opportunity awaits.Your time is valuable – so spend it well. Choose your attitude. Be playful as you are attentive to others. CREATE today – it’s in your Spirit to do so. Send letters, thanking others for the goodness they bring in your life. I AM the Great I AM: Don’t forget this! I AM in charge and looking out for you. I call you by name to tend My sheep and watch over My flock. Make My will complete today as you bring messages of hope to others.  There are so many opportunities and ways to carry this out. You can RELAX, knowing I’ve placed this open day in your lap. Relax and breathe, and do not allow anxiety to seize you up today.