The Road Feels Hard

I know you wrestle with your feelings around accomplishments and disappointments, dealing with timing when others cannot join you in what you envision. I am not disappointed in you. I long to cradle you in My arms. I know the road feels hard and is long sometimes, but I need you to know I am watching over you in low times. I see your burdens. Others have burdens, too, and they take them out on you sometimes. It’s true. But try to lift them up – yours and theirs. It will help. I am not finished with you and it hasn’t gotten to the good part yet. Look for little surprises that provide you with joy, fun, and laughter. These will get you by.

#giveittoGod; #nomoreanxiety; #liftitup; #whenlifegetshard

Divine Design

You are amazing! I see it and others are aware and appreciative of this truth in you, as well. Trust these words, My beloved one. You are filled with Goodness and talent, wrapped in empathy and compassion for others in a beautiful blend of qualities inherently embodied by you per My Divine Design. Walk with ease today, confident and at peace with who and Whose you are.

#youareenough; #designedbyGod; #nomoreanxiety; #beconfident

Faithful Expectation

You feel the pressure of the clock ticking and finding enough time to do everything that is needed. I get it. But carving out time like this with Me can really help your use of time to be more efficient. When you calm yourself in My reassuring Presence, it enables you to think more clearly and focus on what is most needed in the present moment. Resist the urge to examine your whole list because that just stirs up panic. Turn to Me and remind yourself of My reliable involvement. Tell yourself, “All is well.” I have a plan that unfolds perfectly for you, just one piece at a time. Take one step, pause, look to Me, and then another….soon, you will be further ahead. Use faithful expectation in how I have equipped you for all you need to live well.

#timeenoughforeverything; #nomoreanxiety; #Godisreliable; #expectGoodthings

What Are You Thirsty For?

You don’t have to miss a thing. However, many of the things you are trying to juggle may be exactly what is throwing you off. What are you pursuing these days: Perfection? Notoriety? Worth? Possessions? Relief from discomfort? A problem-free life? It’s easy to be distracted by these things, which are often unrealistic and will not inherently satisfy. Sit with Me and be fully present to our relationship first. I am drawing you to a different well. Seek Me first, and find Me with you, attentive to all of your needs and wants. I may refine your desires, but I see them all and I love you enough to send My well of living water. I know what you are thirsty for.

#nosuchthingasperfect; #youareloved; #nomoreanxiety; #cometotheWell

Delight in Shared Moments with Me

You don’t have to rush around today. Consciously choose to slow your pace, pause, and look around. Notice the light and colors I place within your line of sight. Absorb My gift of ease when you stop long enough to take a breath. Consider trusting that I am with you, and all is and will be well because I am caring for you in every moment. Delight in these shared moments with Me. Excessive stress and worry are old habits that are not helpful to you. You honor Me when you acknowledge that I am your loving guide and faithful companion who is not out for harm. My ways are only Good.

#slowdown; #nomoreanxiety; #GodsplanisGood; #Godiswithyou

An Unhurried Mindset

Everything is already taken care of by Me, so you can step back and take a deep, calming breath. I know how your mind tends to race with imagining plans and details. Like a stallion at the starting gate, you wrestle with anticipation of taking off at full throttle at everything there is to do ahead of you. What if I told you there is no need to hurry, and I gently opened the gate to a pleasing meadow to amble in instead of a race track to get to the finish on? Approach this day with an unhurried mindset and see how things still get done while you are more at ease with the pace. I am here for you.

#slowdown; #takeiteasy; #Godishelping; #nomoreanxiety

Elect to Rise Above

All people are carrying some measure of pain. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, everyone has been hurt or injured somewhere along the line. Some choose to live with intense focus on the discomfort or injustice of it all. Being stuck in the mire isn’t good long-term. Others elect to rise above it, looking for insights into how this can make them more compassionate or how it makes them grow stronger. Be one of those resilient ones today who acknowledges and validates the pain but also moves on. Be the one expressing hope and encouragement for better days. In other words, be My Light and speak My truth. I extend opportunities for peace to all.

#riseabove; #beresilient; #encourageeachother

You Are My Masterpiece

You are My masterpiece! How I’ve loved painting, sculpting, and rearranging you into a beautiful image. Do you recognize the beauty in you? How I would love to see you walking confidently today. Can you imagine the possibilities if you saw yourself as fully acceptable, accepted, richly blessed, and basking in grace? If only you would allow yourself to trust this truth using a simple act of breathing, “I choose to believe”. You can do this! It’s not egotistical to choose self-acceptance when viewing through the lens of My eye. I want goodness to surround you, and I desire for you to receive My love for you. Say yes! Say thank you. Choose to believe; that’s all I ask.

#youarebeautiful; #chooseconfidence; #believe; #godsdesignisgood

Bogged Down in Self-Pity

Your feet have been bogged down in the mud and mire of self-pity and worldly distractions. These things do not serve you well or edify your Spirit. It makes Me sad to see you seeking comfort in things that will not satisfy. I have set a huge buffet before you filled with things that allow you to taste and see My Goodness. Take this quiet moment to notice what I place around you in the present: Light, warmth, color. While what I offer may not seem to fully relieve your pain, I assure you it will provide comfort. Dine with Me in the delights intended for today. Rinse your feet from things weighing you down and preventing the peace I offer on a platter for you.

#stopfeelingsorryforyourself; #nomoreanxiety; #Godssupplyisenough

Suffering is Part of Living

Stay strong. I know you have physical and emotional ailments that make it hard on your Spirit. Think of how enduring them makes you more compassionate toward others. My will is not that you should suffer. I wish I could eliminate it, but suffering is part of living. I will make sure that Goodness arises out of it. Share lessons you are learning from it with others, drawing people closer and encouraging one another. Keep focused on being a person of Light, even amidst troubles. Don’t let the suffering make you succumb to dark moods or behaviors. I promise that you can lean on Me during difficult times and still find joy.

#youwillgetthroughthis; #riseaboveit; #findjoy