You Are My Masterpiece

You are My masterpiece! How I’ve loved painting, sculpting, and rearranging you into a beautiful image. Do you recognize the beauty in you? How I would love to see you walking confidently today. Can you imagine the possibilities if you saw yourself as fully acceptable, accepted, richly blessed, and basking in grace? If only you would allow yourself to trust this truth using a simple act of breathing, “I choose to believe”. You can do this! It’s not egotistical to choose self-acceptance when viewing through the lens of My eye. I want goodness to surround you, and I desire for you to receive My love for you. Say yes! Say thank you. Choose to believe; that’s all I ask.

#youarebeautiful; #chooseconfidence; #believe; #godsdesignisgood

Bogged Down in Self-Pity

Your feet have been bogged down in the mud and mire of self-pity and worldly distractions. These things do not serve you well or edify your Spirit. It makes Me sad to see you seeking comfort in things that will not satisfy. I have set a huge buffet before you filled with things that allow you to taste and see My Goodness. Take this quiet moment to notice what I place around you in the present: Light, warmth, color. While what I offer may not seem to fully relieve your pain, I assure you it will provide comfort. Dine with Me in the delights intended for today. Rinse your feet from things weighing you down and preventing the peace I offer on a platter for you.

#stopfeelingsorryforyourself; #nomoreanxiety; #Godssupplyisenough

Suffering is Part of Living

Stay strong. I know you have physical and emotional ailments that make it hard on your Spirit. Think of how enduring them makes you more compassionate toward others. My will is not that you should suffer. I wish I could eliminate it, but suffering is part of living. I will make sure that Goodness arises out of it. Share lessons you are learning from it with others, drawing people closer and encouraging one another. Keep focused on being a person of Light, even amidst troubles. Don’t let the suffering make you succumb to dark moods or behaviors. I promise that you can lean on Me during difficult times and still find joy.

#youwillgetthroughthis; #riseaboveit; #findjoy

It’s OK To Not Know It All

You don’t have to have all the answers. It’s okay if you don’t know it all today. It’s also alright to tell others you’re not sure, or that you need more time to figure things out. I’ve got the plan and the answers, though. Come to Me to hear what you need to get through today. I can help you concentrate on what is essential. One day at a time, My love.

#donthavealltheanswers; #trustGodsplan; #onedayatatime

Your Vulnerable Self

I delight in your vulnerable self, because it is in your vulnerability that I can be drawn ever so close to you. I offer Light-filled moments for you to rest your head upon as I fill the room around you with peace. Let Me cover you in soft blankets of comfort and compassion. I share in your sorrow, yet I want you to see My Joy ahead. I still have much Goodness in store for you. Allow others to care for you in your time of sorrow. Don’t be afraid to show your sadness. I need you to demonstrate how to grieve just as much as how to have strength in faith.

Start Your Day With Confidence

Take Me to heart. Breathe Me in so you can start your day with confidence, comfort, and assurance. You can handle whatever the day ahead holds in store. Be kind to yourself today (every day, actually), and it will be easier to be kind to others. Give them your eyes and full attention, just as I am doing to you every minute and every hour. You are worth noticing. Healing is taking place while change is being affected. Focus on this healing to grow even more confident as you  trust in Me.

I Will Attend To You

You can make it through today. This day is BLESSED. You are My hands, My eyes, My voice of hope to people in need, so take joy in this. It can give you energy back. If any resentment lingers, push it out and be rid of it.  Find reasons to laugh today. I know it’s hard with so many demands on your life, but as you attend to them, I will attend to you.


I love to see your enthusiasm! Let’s dive into this day with eyes wide-open to possibility. Allow Me to put a spring in your step as you anticipate Good things to come. Throw off morose thoughts that try to antagonize you or cause cynicism. Look for the Good in people and situations. Point out the positive, even if it makes others roll their eyes with annoyance or react defensively. While misery loves company, you will also find Godly companions who love to be around joy and want to be hopeful right alongside you.

Righteous For My Purpose

Righteousness is a tough word to understand. When used for My purposes, it can bring about Good. When used for self-advancement, it can be destructive and hurtful. Be careful in your judgement of others, using righteousness with caution. Ask Me to filter your insight and enable you to see when I call you to use your voice with discernment for My purpose vs. the world’s standards or agendas.

Allowing Changes

All around you change is happening. Don’t be afraid of this; I plan it for Good. Stop all of your own attempts at planning or controlling and release yourself fully into My care arrangements specifically designed for you. By allowing changes to unfold with acceptance on your part, the way will be easier and more clear to see. Find peace as you practice this level of trust in Me.