Be Still

Don’t drown out My voice with technology and unnecessary noise all the time. Take breaks from all that and BE STILL. Allow your senses to calm down from this over-stimulating environment. Delight in silence and Light. Listen for the smallest sounds; take notice of things around you in a new way. Observe this moment. Contemplate how I give you all good things. I accept and love you FULLY in this place. Connect with My Presence in this way, and take an inner peace away with you as you move on to the tasks at hand, knowing you are loved and you are Mine. Be grateful for this truth. Let Me take the pressure off of you. You never have to go it alone. 

Holy Desire

What are you hungry for? Attention? Prestige? Stability? Excess? Find your ultimate security and pleasure in Me first. When you fix your eyes on Me, something happens to the appeal of other things. You realize these things alone won’t satisfy you, – or bring you peace, – like being in relationship with Me does. Your desires can be for Good when brought into focus by My Lighting. You may need to release your grip on what you are striving toward for a while, allowing Me to take away that which is unhealthy for you, and to reorder your priorities. Be hungry for Love first, and for the good of all. Stand ready to take notice of times when you need to retreat into the background. I will organize for the greater Good, and you will find satisfaction as you see it unfold. Be filled with holy desire. We are One. 

Clean Slate

I know well the plans I have in mind for you. Take hold of my hand on this stormy sea and I will calm the winds, keeping you SAFE. Safe from being too overwhelmed. Safe from fear. Your slate is clean today! No worries… you have no worries because I have died for any wrongdoing, and you are already completely forgiven. Go in peace because I am surrounding you in Light. Know well that I love you. Harm will not come to you from this situation; find rest now. You are My child: beautiful to Me, and wondrous; kind and full of Goodness. Trust that this is what others see and know to be true. Others want to please you, – in part because you are pleasing to them, and also because they see Me in you. Let them know they are important to you, and your irritability will be overshadowed. Look to Me and see My eyes of love for you; know that this is REAL and more powerful than any shortcoming. Today and every day, you can start with a clean slate. 

This Dance

You are MINE. I will use you for GOOD in this day. All you need to do is stay near Me and allow Me to lead in this dance of ours. Picture us moving joyfully together, and bring this playful spirit into each place you enter. Light and Goodness is in you and all around you. Share this Light with others, and invite them to “cut in” on the dance. Watch with equal delight as we move in the world, spreading joy.

Be Amazed

How long as it been since you felt amazed? You are weighed down by many distractions, and by technology numbing the senses. My call is pure and very simple, but it takes work to remove yourself consciously in order to see and experience the depth of My love for you. Once you get a glimpse, your whole perspective can change. You can begin, – with practice and in stillness, – to notice Light, color, and sounds all around. Take time to really notice, and absorb them in quiet wonder. This is what it means to simply “be”. Try it, – intentionally. Try to empty your thoughts, concerns, the pressures of the day, or aches, pains, and annoyances, – then breathe deeply and take in your surroundings. Use all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Whatever captures your attention: rest there, absorbing the Light in the details. Then remind yourself YOU ARE LOVED, – truly and deeply by Me, – just as you are. Do not doubt My all-encompassing love for you. Give yourself this calming gift and be amazed again by My love that surrounds you at all times. You are never alone; I am always Present within and near you. Let this gift carry you through your day. 

My Design

My pen stroke is light and sweeps across the tablet of your life, – outlining your path, forming your words, sketching your beauty. Picture Me, your Great Creator, adoring My design: YOU. Do you not see and marvel at the intricacy of My creation? Your physical self, your mind, your dreams….they are tightly interwoven with Me. You and I are part of each other. I am not distant, nor do I frown upon you. I delight in My Creation. My hope is for you to recognize the Greatness within. Don’t try to bury the Light or tuck it away in misguided shyness or self-consciousness. Beam with our united presence in every step you take today, lighting the rooms you enter.  

Vacation from Self-Criticism

No little oversight, no silly comment, or no missed opportunity to be thoughtful can make it so I don’t love you. I will ALWAYS love you. You chastise yourself far too much. If you allow yourself to recognize and soak in this truly unconditional love, how differently you would enter your day. Take a vacation from self-criticism for these next 24 hours, living in the Light of knowledge of My great love for you. See what tenderness evolves from this act. Be healed through this feeling of being totally accepted. This is Truth, made possible by Grace.  

Allow Me to Take Over

You don’t need to seek some sort of ‘magical formula’ from Me to experience joy or goodness. Light is all around you, and accessible to you at any time. Perhaps you need to set aside your troubles for a while. Take a break from all the worry and stress by placing these cares into My capable hands. Allow yourself to take in a deep breath. Release. Soak in the comfort I offer you by lifting those burdens, even if you can only imagine this as a temporal thing. Try it now. Breath in deeply, embracing and packaging up all that burdens you and weighs you down. Hold that breath as you gather multiple items of concern and place it in a package to deliver directly to Me. Then release that breath, sending every item on for Me to unpack and address for you. As you relax and breath more and more easily, focus intently on the LIGHT infusing all around you. This is My Presence. Allow Me to take over. Ask Me to be in charge. Invite Me to show you how much I care about your every concern. As you do this, see how you become the Light you so long for by allowing Me in. 

24-Hour Awareness

My word is a lamp unto your feet. See how clear the path is in this day. Notice how I only light the few steps in front of you, in 24-hour increments. This is to help you find your way without worry. Learn to keep your focus intentionally on Me, with a trust in the security I have promised. Delight in My ways. See how I do not overload you when you live in this day instead of the future. Be on the lookout for resounding moments when I AM. Pause, and you cannot help but notice Me present in and around you. Silence your head long enough to BE AWARE. I’ve never left your side. 

Don’t Hold Back

I warm you with My brilliant Presence – dazzling over you with Light and peace. Ask of Me your deepest questions and doubts. I can take it. I know you so intimately, yet it is you who holds back from Me. Depart from shame and self-ridicule long enough to stand boldly and honestly before Me. Let Me reassure you – there is nothing we can’t talk about. I ask you to give Me your ALL, not just the “perfected parts”.  You know what is troubling you; so do I. Don’t hold back. Turn your gaze to Me, receptive to My healing love-light. Yes, I can even love you, just as you are. Come into My Presence, and learn why others do so shouting for joy.