Pace Yourself

You can still find rest in the mix of busy to-do’s. Remember, though, that it is easier to find Me in the stillness than in the hectic craze of activity. I want to “Wow” you with My delights, – but you must be moving slowly enough to catch them.  Take one thing at a time, and delight in each small step or task. Pause, then notice Me and My gifts to you in beauty, simplicity, life, and Light. There is time enough for everything. Pace yourself to allow room for Me. 

Collective Goodness

Allow yourself to rest. In the tasks ahead, you will be able to calm down and refocus. The previous day was good – exactly as I had planned. Trust that My hand was all over it, – and in YOU. Your Goodness was needed there, and I always equip you with enough to meet the need. This is what I call collective Goodness: with others contributing so well while you also do you part and they do theirs. See how it all comes together unto My Good. I wish you would trust your positive role here rather than ruminating in worry. I know that you know it is there; the secret is to trust in this truth and in My design. Breathe this in: I am with you and in you. It is enough. 

Vying for Your Attention

There is a lot clouding your mind: little details, daily agendas, rehashing previous events and conversations. Try closing your eyes and focus instead on taking deep, slow breaths. Block out the noise of thoughts vying for your attention by noticing cool air streaming in through your nose and deeply reaching to the bottom of your lungs. Picture all of the junk – the physical aches and stress, the mental worries and frustrations, – being exhaled out. Do this slowly and intentionally for a few minutes. You cannot help but begin to notice My Light and warmth replacing the grayness. Allow this to draw you to a place of contentment. I am Light. I am fresh air and new breath. Become aware of My constant, loving Presence vying for your attention, too, and hold on to this loving truth. 

Pull Back the Covers of Worry

You are more eager than you may realize. I know your habits of worrying, but I also see  this wall of fretting about everything. Beyond that wall is My eager, playful, enthusiastic child – the one who wants to experience, explore, and find awe. Anxiety tries to invade and take over, pulling a shroud of dread over the start to your day. Push off that cover intentionally. Look for My face of reassurance and encouragement. We have things to do, places to go, people to see, – TOGETHER. Ask Me for help to pull back the covers of worry so that you can start your day with delight. I am a trustworthy God, and I designed you for eagerness, not dismay. 

Big Things

I have so much in store for you – it makes Me burst at the seams with Light and Purpose. Such joy is in store! Your heart for Me combined with My will for you is accomplishing great things already, – but there is more to come. Can you feel the excitement stirred within you? Do you believe in My potential waiting to come to life in you? Live with an inner confidence that is unshakable. Actualize My glorious plans for you one day at a time. Be open to possibility, and envision big things happening. I am a Grand and Glorious God, capable of all things. Believe in Me and believe in yourself. 

I’ll Help You Focus

I am near…always by your side. Close your eyes and take a big breath to calm down. Listen for My reassurance and know you are loved. You are perfect in My eyes, even with the imperfections and quirks I designed in you. You have no idea the way others are drawn to you and are eager to listen to what you have to say. Don’t silence your voice in misguided shyness when I call you to speak. Listen well, also, in your day ahead. Breathe again, asking for My help to clear your head so you can interpret what is going on around you. I’ll help you focus on next steps, one task and one conversation at a time. Believe in the importance of your work at hand. Trust that nothing is too trivial to be part of My plan. Know that you are an intentional part of My design. 

See Your Goodness

I am glad you are making room to visit Me in this quiet place. I made you and I love you just the way you are. Do you believe in your Goodness and how pleased I am with you? Do you trust Me when I say that? Do not let anything – any misguided comments, self-doubt, criticism, or little oversights, – ANYTHING! -get in the way of that belief. Only then will you find My peace, offered freely. My peace surpasses all understanding, and it is yours for the taking. 

My Instrument

Taking one day, one hour, one project at a time will help you keep calm. I have the design, and you are My instrument. I will play you, beautifully, in accordance with My rhythm. You can rest easily knowing I am in charge, not you.  You don’t have to take things personally. Calm yourself through being one with Me, weaving in and around others spreading Joy and sensitivity. Make real connections. Know you are Good, and exactly where I need you to be. My design is at work, intricately, piece by piece.  I do this because I love you! ALL of you: your needs as well as your talents.  Take My Right Hand; – I will not let you fall.  

Slow Down

Your body is calling you to slow down, – to take it easy on yourself. Slowing your pace allows you to study Me and My action in your life, and in the lives of those around you. See it more clearly, more deliberately. Focus.  Fix your eyes on each task with heightened awareness of My Presence. Take note of Me, and acknowledge My sovereign involvement in, through, and over your life. Give thanks for all of this, and feel your heart swell with love and joy at our inter-connectedness. We are one, even in the most mundane, routine, or repetitive tasks. Slow your pace, and unite with Me. 

Concentrate on Today

There is so much ahead in store for you! But I need you to pull in the reins and concentrate only on today. Everything will unfold in due time. I don’t want you to miss a single thing. Focus on your surroundings and interactions in this day only, noticing My intentional encounters put in your path these next 24 hours. Every time your thoughts try to jump to the future, reel them back in to the present. This way, you can find Joy and Peace in the moment. My Presence is here. You don’t need to worry about trying to figure everything out in advance. See how I am taking care of you, meeting your need of daily bread for body and soul. Relax, and receive My love for you today, – and always.