Concentrate on Today

There is so much ahead in store for you! But I need you to pull in the reins and concentrate only on today. Everything will unfold in due time. I don’t want you to miss a single thing. Focus on your surroundings and interactions in this day only, noticing My intentional encounters put in your path these next 24 hours. Every time your thoughts try to jump to the future, reel them back in to the present. This way, you can find Joy and Peace in the moment. My Presence is here. You don’t need to worry about trying to figure everything out in advance. See how I am taking care of you, meeting your need of daily bread for body and soul. Relax, and receive My love for you today, – and always.

Just Go

It is time for you to just go. Go where I am leading you today, keeping focus on your gifts and all you have to offer others. Don’t stay back, reluctant or unsure of yourself. You don’t have to hesitate or stay stuck in indecisiveness. Place yourself with confidence at My altar, and see that I have prepared you well for where you are needed to be today. Be excited about this! Allow yourself to feel positive without worrying about everybody else’s reaction. Place them and the situation in My hands; let Me take care of the outcomes. 

Peace Comes from Within

I’ve already forgiven you, long ago and up to the very present. Now, forgive yourself. You are worthy of all of My love. I accomplish great works in you. You can be gentle as a lamb and courageous as a lion today. Your Spirit (which comes from Me) is much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your capacity to love is great. Be other-centered out of love for Me. Take time to rest. True Peace comes from within, no matter what tasks you are or are not doing. Use that as your mantra. Imagine My Light enveloping you, and know that NOTHING, – no debt, no mis-interpretations or mis-perceptions, no anxiety, – can get in the way of My love for you or penetrate My desire for your well-being. You are forgiven, and you are loved; therefore, you can be at peace. Now, go forth and live like it!

On Guard

Wait and watch. I have something to say to you. Be on guard against those whose aim is not for Good. Concentrate on keeping peace and joy dominant in your own heart. Do not be afraid or succumb to anger. I am in charge of that situation; you can leave it to Me. I will protect you in all of it; you simply need to be wary of their ways. Be soft from within, even while you have your guard up,– knowing I am a trustworthy God with Might greater than any darkness. Make eye contact confidently, and allow the day to unfold with Me by your side. I may even surprise you with great Joy despite your surroundings. 


I will give you the energy and the calmness you need. Your job will be to inspire others. You have the gift of encouragement; let that be your focus for now. Start by encouraging yourself! Acknowledge your own talents and giftedness. Be grateful for how I have designed and equipped you. Look for ways to focus your energy and passion. See how there is a capacity to change and adapt. Don’t give in to fear. Study what I place in your head to dream about. Let this become your new focus. Turn everything else over to Me.