Open Invitation

Spend time with Me. I long for your attention, and once you start, you will find you crave Mine in return. I am ever-present to you. When you feel most frazzled, seek My face. Know that I “get it”. I can console or guide you as needed. Being in relationship with Me means making the time for us to be attentive to one another. I can do that in a flash of an instant with you as well as in long, luxurious measures of prayer time. It is called Devotion for a reason. Make a love commitment of attentiveness to Me with purity of heart and with intentional and purposeful focus, just as I am devoted to you. Have you chosen to be so with Me lately? I will never chastise you for periods of absence. You will always be celebrated like My prodigal son when you turn your heart toward Me. It remains an open invitation in every hour, every moment. Come back to Me. Seek Me with your whole heart. 

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