Turn the Handle

I give you this day.  Notice Me in it.  Something will speak to you – perhaps in a bird’s song, in the quiet & stillness, or maybe through a voice speaking words you long to hear.  Listen for Me.  Look for Me.  Beauty is all around if you take time to get the right perspective.  I know your pains, your worries.  I AM attending to them, you can rely on that with certainty.  You can still find peace, even when all does not seem “right”, by focusing on TRUST in My Goodness and My help.  Ever constantly, I stand at your door waiting for you to turn the handle to open it.  I AM there.  I will wait.

Constant Companion

I hear your struggle.  I AM with you, – your constant companion.  Time alone with Me is good.  Do not feel bad about wanting that.  I am yours any time of day, any place…in the solitude and in a crowd.  Whisper My name.  Breathe in My calming presence. Squeeze My hand tightly and be ASSURED I hear you and see you, and wish to bring you comfort.  You can be grateful for that, and be strong against the winds of distraction.  Stand firm upon My rock. As you face that blustering wind, know that you need not fear or doubt your strength because I AM IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY with you. Just don’t let go of My hand, and keep your eyes on Me.  TRUST Me. Confidence is yours to hold. Behold My strength as your constant companion and refuge.  You are worthy of My love simply because I made you. 


You are a LIGHT to others.  Don’t recede into darkness, or separateness.  Your gift is inclusion; – reaching out to others who can’t always reach back.  Many aren’t good at reaching beyond the awkwardness of mistakes.  If I have taught you nothing else, it’s how to stand strong and move forward.  Now I need you to hear Me calling you even deeper.  I am reaching into your soul. You have a purpose here: a rich, meaningful purpose. Others look to you for leadership – they always have.  Your leadership is one of inclusion, purpose, compassion.  In the past you were hurt because you “felt” excluded, yet you weren’t.   Yours is the leadership in that arena.  Yours is that gift – to be welcoming, outgoing.  I will bless that.  Let My waves of Grace and Glory wash over you now.  Rest, trustingly cradled in My arms, as I renew you and restore your broken Spirit.  I am big enough to do just that! You are meant to be included, as well. 

You Belong

I equip you.  I equip you.  I equip you!  I, in all My might and majesty, have called you to these places. See what wondrous things are being done! You make people feel special, and I need your presence doing what comes naturally to you.  Pray.  Come to Me when you feel anxious; see that I don’t judge you nearly as hard as you judge yourself.  Know that you belong to Me. “You belong” means you are LOVED, WELCOMED, secure, WANTED.  You “fit”. I care about you, and long for you to be with Me all hours of the day.  REMAIN WITH ME at all times.  It is when you are fretting and punishing yourself that you have your back to me – all you need to do is turn and run into My arms, which are outstretched and waiting to encompass you. Let Me caress away your fears as a loving, tender, reachable parent.  I am tender, kind, and fun. Laugh with Me today.  See Me all around you in the joy and love outpouring everywhere.  You are all part of My great circle of love. Enjoy this belonging.

Clean Slate

I know well the plans I have in mind for you. Take hold of my hand on this stormy sea and I will calm the winds, keeping you SAFE. Safe from being too overwhelmed. Safe from fear. Your slate is clean today! No worries… you have no worries because I have died for any wrongdoing, and you are already completely forgiven. Go in peace because I am surrounding you in Light. Know well that I love you. Harm will not come to you from this situation; find rest now. You are My child: beautiful to Me, and wondrous; kind and full of Goodness. Trust that this is what others see and know to be true. Others want to please you, – in part because you are pleasing to them, and also because they see Me in you. Let them know they are important to you, and your irritability will be overshadowed. Look to Me and see My eyes of love for you; know that this is REAL and more powerful than any shortcoming. Today and every day, you can start with a clean slate. 

Holy Timing

Delays in timing. Earth is so time-bound, and many tend to be impatient. Learning to ride the ebb and tide of events with acknowledgement of the Holy Movement guiding the current is a faith skill worth developing. This takes trust in the Master! Trust that I am looking out for you, that I am always involved and leading you exactly where you are most needed in the present as well as in the future. My intentions are good. If you are wrestling with the lack of movement or outcomes you don’t understand, stop. Pause. Consider how I used you already in this day. Who did you encounter? What did you feel drawn to notice or attend to? Act when I urge you to, planting seeds of consideration. Find My hand involved, and gather peace in that moment. Grace will carry you on with holy timing. Nothing is insurmountable. 


You are richer than you think. When you look through narrowed eyes, seeing only earthly values, it feels like it’s never enough. Let Me widen your perspective to see all I am doing in your life. Blessing upon blessing, from every angle. More than enough to satisfy. See the truth in this richness. Relax your standards, and release your burdens to Me. Allow simplicity to rule today. Expend your energy only on the task that is before you, without giving in to the tendency to heap plans and worries on top. Widen your eyes to see all I am doing in this present moment. I care about you ever so deeply. Lift your eyes to the heavens when you most need to see where you are going, then practice the art of ENTRUSTING ME with the planning. I go before you, behind you, above you, inside you, – everywhere you go, I go. 


Listen. It will come to you. That thought, that decision that needs to be made; wait for it, and it will come to you in due time. Sometimes you need to act in faith, trusting Me with the outcomes, and make a decision even without complete confidence on your part up front. Instead of crying out in fear with “I don’t know what to do!”, remember that I do know. As I lead and you choose to follow, I will guide your next steps. Take one step. Maybe even take the leap. Whether the decisions before you are small and seemingly inconsequential, or are monumental and overwhelming, I AM WITH YOU. I will nudge you one way or another; your work is to move forward with trust in My direction and My outcomes. Stillness before movement is good and essential, but eventually I call you to move. I allow and encourage sound reasoning; stagnancy is not part of My holy plan. You can trust My Holy Spirit to be your guide always, – helping you to be brave as you step into unfamiliar territory. Remember, each choice made in faith leads you closer to Me. I am a safe and loving God.

Thwarted Plans

Show love in the spur of the moment. It can become overwhelming trying to plan in advance for all the things you “intend” to do to bring goodness to others. Sometimes I thwart those plans with more pressing or present needs.  It’s okay to prepare and try to lay out positive plans, but I call you to be open to the winds of change I may put along your path. I thank you for your good intentions. I love that you honor Me in doing good works. I want to bless you – and others – in moments where My hand can accomplish what is most needed. Sometimes I even send angels to accompany you in allowing My will to be done. Be open to whatever I present to you today. You may be on the giving end, or I may place you on the receiving end. My design is so intricate, beyond your eyes or imaginings. In your response to others, as you strive to bring love into the moment, you may or may not even be aware of the dynamic change occurring. I design all things for Good. 


I am lighting the way: glimpses along the path give you insights and inspiration. You need not worry about so much; I have a plan in store for you that is brilliantly designed and suited just for you. Keep your eyes open to possibility! Take a chance on My initiatives that I instill in you. I AM the Divine Inspirer!  And you are one of the results of My amazing creation. Together let’s celebrate the possibility alive and renewed in and around you today. “If you seek Me, you will find Me”, – already in your midst.