My Light is absolutely dazzling all around you. No matter how dark the world may seem, or how monumental or oppressive the tasks before you may feel or appear, My ways are able to overcome all challenges. Like fresh, new-fallen snow lit by winter sunlight outside, it is almost too bright and blinding for you to take in fully. You can get a glimpse of it, though! Be amazed by My brilliant love and power in your life. Absorb this word: POSSIBLE. All things are possible with Me. Let My Light remind you that you are not alone, and you are able to bear much when we work together in harmony. I am bigger than any challenge or obstacle you face. Turn your face to the Light, and absorb My strength intended to help you today. 

Time for a Break

Let Me speak to you. You carry a lot around inside of you: worries, responsibilities, lists, and occasionally, resentment. I hear it, and I know it all. You are always striving to be on top of things, or ahead of the game. I don’t mind you being busy, and using the talents I’ve given you well, but I don’t like it when you approach the day as a drudgery, – resenting each task before you. When you get like this, it’s time for a break. Sit down in front of Me, and let’s talk it out. I’m not a slave-driver. I will speak to your depleted heart, cushioning you with permission to find Grace in rest, or to prioritize things that will recover Joy in you. Balance is essential for a with-God life. Alone time helps. Break time does, too. Come to Me, and re-fill your soul. 

Let Your Guard Down

 I call you to console one another. There are many who are hurting. (Even you, sometimes). You may be surprised at how I can still use you for My Good, even when you are at a low point. Find tenderness by reaching out: either as the giver, or when you need to be on the receiving end. Let your guard down. It is important to stay connected to others. I send companions for the broken-hearted (and for the anxious, too). It is when you are most vulnerable that others are drawn closer to you. You don’t always have to ‘tough it out’, or go solo. Share honestly with others I place near to you. Attend to your weariness, stress, and grief, allowing time for rest – and even for your sadness. I won’t leave you in that place, but I will meet you there. Weep with Me, and together we will move toward healing. 

Concentrate on Today

There is so much ahead in store for you! But I need you to pull in the reins and concentrate only on today. Everything will unfold in due time. I don’t want you to miss a single thing. Focus on your surroundings and interactions in this day only, noticing My intentional encounters put in your path these next 24 hours. Every time your thoughts try to jump to the future, reel them back in to the present. This way, you can find Joy and Peace in the moment. My Presence is here. You don’t need to worry about trying to figure everything out in advance. See how I am taking care of you, meeting your need of daily bread for body and soul. Relax, and receive My love for you today, – and always.

Be Gentle on Yourself

Your pain – physical and/or emotional- is from stress. Take one thing at a time, and go back to being gentle on yourself. I chose this path for you, and I will absolutely give you enough strength to handle it. You have endured many trials before, and there is great Joy ahead. I know you are a hard worker and can handle much, but you are way too hard on yourself. I give you My Spirit to go with you, always, so look to Me for guidance. Take breaks. Listen. I will support you. Be content with the fact that you are doing all you can, and know that is enough for Me. I will take care of the rest of the details. Take time out to experience comfort. Your pain will recede as you become more gentle with yourself. 

Peace Comes from Within

I’ve already forgiven you, long ago and up to the very present. Now, forgive yourself. You are worthy of all of My love. I accomplish great works in you. You can be gentle as a lamb and courageous as a lion today. Your Spirit (which comes from Me) is much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your capacity to love is great. Be other-centered out of love for Me. Take time to rest. True Peace comes from within, no matter what tasks you are or are not doing. Use that as your mantra. Imagine My Light enveloping you, and know that NOTHING, – no debt, no mis-interpretations or mis-perceptions, no anxiety, – can get in the way of My love for you or penetrate My desire for your well-being. You are forgiven, and you are loved; therefore, you can be at peace. Now, go forth and live like it!

Right Where I Need You

You are right where I need you to be. Stay strong and faithful. Any dark deeds of others will be overcome by My justice, so you don’t need to try to fix all that or figure it out on your own. Let it go. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the one in charge, and I have wonderful plans in store for you! Find your joy again in creating and in relationships so that your Spirit may be restored. Look to the heavens for where your help shall come. See? I do make all things new. My Grace can comfort you right where you are. Shine on! Bask in My warmth. Find and hold onto your Joy, even in this place. 

Released from Shame

Know that I AM the true source of power and of healing. My opinion is the only opinion that matters. I want you to let go of the shame that binds you! Throw it out of the window! This is part of my transformation of you back into the glistening design I intended. I can release you from your internal jail cell of unhealthy, self-imposed shame. The door is unlocked and open. I call you to come out, hold My hand, and walk by My side as My companion. I know how scared you are, but you are safe with Me. I’m never going to let go of your hand. Look for your face in My eyes, reflecting back the true, unstained image available. Breathe in My unconditional love for you, and choose trust as I help restore your damaged Spirit. 


I know you are afraid. I can only tell you, “Don’t be afraid! I am with you and have called you to this new place because I have GREAT PLANS in store. You are favored with God.” It may feel lonely for a time, but don’t let that get you downhearted. I will restore you. See and trust in the Goodness I have instilled in you. Understand that others may not be unhappy with you; they are just caught up in their own fear of being judged poorly. You can stop misinterpreting their actions as displeasure of you. When you humbly recognize the ways I claim you as favored, you can decrease your anxiety and useless worry. Walk in confidence by My Grace. 

Take a Nap

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted or unsettled? Somewhere, somehow, – in the next 24 hours, – take a nap. Carve out time for yourself this way. My design is for you to include times of rest, for it is only in physically slowing down that you can hear Me and gain perspective. I know you crave a slower pace, and less demands on your time. You may be thinking “How on earth am I supposed to just stop and take a nap?!” It may feel like a ridiculous request. I won’t define how long it needs to be, nor will I expect you to fall into deep restful sleep. This may or may not happen as a result, but the point is to conscientiously SLOW DOWN. Be tender and attentive to your need for rest, giving yourself permission for a time out. Use this time of your choosing to quietly observe and absorb your surroundings. Place whatever comes to the surface of your mind intentionally into My hands. Hand it all over, and listen for a response. You need Me in this way far more than you need to be constantly productive. In seeking and in rest, you  shall be renewed.