Let Goodness Rule

Humble yourself before others today, offering up any ego-driven need to be “right” or “the smartest” or “on top of everything”. Sometimes backing down and letting others have their way can bring more peace than having everything turn out like you think it should. Trust Me in this, and let My hand take control of the moving parts in your life. I won’t steer you wrong. Let Goodness and positive intentions rule today, experiencing My love for you as well as for others in this way.

2 thoughts on “Let Goodness Rule

  1. Oh, Ms. York, God led me to your post today. I very much needed these words. May I ask one very important question that I struggle to understand how to implement.
    How do you have positive intentions if internally you are not feeling sincerely positive?

    I “get” backing down, letting others have their way, and not needing to be the smartest…. These are sacrifices we can make in action — even if in our heart, the emotion is not genuine. But letting “positive intentions rule the day”, sit in having a genuine positive outlook. I don’t think that can just be a act that we undertake. Can you or will you give me some insight or help me understand how to reach that spot?

    I am a Christian and struggle with feeling good naturally (probably due to a challenging past and not so stable current situation). I know God knows this, but I want very much to naturally feel more positive internally so I can practice natural goodness and positive intentions.

    fyi – I’m a first time visitor, and looking on the internet, God directed me here.


    • Hello, Vida!
      Thank you so much for your comment and honesty. I appreciate your question. The message here came to me in prayer and I think it was meant to address my tendency to be outspoken and perhaps judgmental of others before hearing them out. I believe God nudges us to speak up in ways that are authentic and honest. I think God also wants us to have healthy boundaries, and to treat each other with dignity and respect. If we presume that people around us have good intentions, sometimes it’s easier to cut each other some slack instead of being easily offended. However, if we’re uncomfortable and it’s hard to feel safe or “positive”, it could be that we need to set up a healthy boundary to be protected from hurtful behaviors. It sounds like you are perhaps working through history of being hurt so it’s OK to not always feel like you are able to live “on the bright side” of life. I hope you have a good support for yourself and are learning when it is OK to be trusting. It’s easier to be positive when we are well supported.


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