I Can Handle Your Emotion

Blessed are those who mourn. I know the times you weep or feel sorrow at the significant losses in your life. When true sadness chokes in your throat I experience it right along with you. Just because you have faith and know the promise of a with-God life does not mean you will be free from pain, sorrow, or anger. Why do you treat yourself so harshly when these things surface and cannot be “controlled” by sheer willpower, or eliminated by “enough prayer”? Rest with Me when these difficult feelings emerge. Eliminate judgement of the emotion. Let Me cover you with a blanket of Grace to soothe you. You don’t have to be joyful and “pleasant” all the time in order to be a follower of Me. Strive to be at peace with others, but acknowledge your emotions honestly before Me. I can handle your anger and tears; they do not disappoint Me. 

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