Take a Nap

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted or unsettled? Somewhere, somehow, – in the next 24 hours, – take a nap. Carve out time for yourself this way. My design is for you to include times of rest, for it is only in physically slowing down that you can hear Me and gain perspective. I know you crave a slower pace, and less demands on your time. You may be thinking “How on earth am I supposed to just stop and take a nap?!” It may feel like a ridiculous request. I won’t define how long it needs to be, nor will I expect you to fall into deep restful sleep. This may or may not happen as a result, but the point is to conscientiously SLOW DOWN. Be tender and attentive to your need for rest, giving yourself permission for a time out. Use this time of your choosing to quietly observe and absorb your surroundings. Place whatever comes to the surface of your mind intentionally into My hands. Hand it all over, and listen for a response. You need Me in this way far more than you need to be constantly productive. In seeking and in rest, you  shall be renewed. 

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