Christmas Gift

I am a God who heals. I see your tender heart and hear the words in your head, so prone to criticizing and berating yourself. Please stop, and turn around to face Me. I don’t look at you with the same critique or harshness you inflict on yourself. My Christmas Gift, – given all year long, – is calling you to see My face of love, tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness. Let My warmth and Grace overwhelm you! Allow My Spirit to do its repair work, helping you recover from the anxiety that has torn at your soul. Your Spirit must be rebuilt and strengthened in order to sustain you for all I have in store for you. Let Me be the solid frame that encompasses your beautiful portrait. Oh, that you would see yourself as I see you! How different would your self-talk be? You would be singing praise and giving accolades for all the things within that are so full of GOODNESS.  I know it is hard to replace those old tapes playing over and over in your head. Bring them to Me. Allow Me to hear, then to help erase them, – projecting new phrases to tell yourself which build up rather than tear down. You are loved, and worthy of love, and capable of many things. You are valuable, just as you are. Please receive My gift to you with trust and acceptance of this beautiful truth. 

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