Be consoling to one another. So many of My children are grieving losses that go unnamed and unattended to. If all would soften their hearts and let down their guards, it would help healing begin. There is a time for sorrow, which cannot be rushed. Some stay stuck in their anger, or remain feeling hurt, betrayed, or helpless after a deep loss. I am a God who gives and takes away, but this term has mistakenly been used. Never do I inflict hurt or pain by inflicting tragedy or loss. I am not a mean-spirited Lord. As a God who knows sorrow and grief well, I accompany, replace, and nurture out of every loss. Turn to Me. My Grace fills the cracks and binds the pieces together in a new way. Be part of that healing Grace. Listen, attentively, and with soft words and compassionate eyes, you will be a vessel of My hand touching the tender wounds. I am thoroughly attentive to all your needs, and of those around you. Be My hands and feet in the world. You are needed, and you are loved. 

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