Listen. It will come to you. That thought, that decision that needs to be made; wait for it, and it will come to you in due time. Sometimes you need to act in faith, trusting Me with the outcomes, and make a decision even without complete confidence on your part up front. Instead of crying out in fear with “I don’t know what to do!”, remember that I do know. As I lead and you choose to follow, I will guide your next steps. Take one step. Maybe even take the leap. Whether the decisions before you are small and seemingly inconsequential, or are monumental and overwhelming, I AM WITH YOU. I will nudge you one way or another; your work is to move forward with trust in My direction and My outcomes. Stillness before movement is good and essential, but eventually I call you to move. I allow and encourage sound reasoning; stagnancy is not part of My holy plan. You can trust My Holy Spirit to be your guide always, – helping you to be brave as you step into unfamiliar territory. Remember, each choice made in faith leads you closer to Me. I am a safe and loving God.

3 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. This is exactly where I am at! It is decision time and I must trust Him who has always been faithful! I had been so convinced that I was to take one road, yet confused in my decision and no peace. God does not cause chaos and confusion in our lives and it was only when I quieted myself before Him and was still for a while that I heard His whisper and understood clearly what decisions were to be made. He is my safe place of rest!

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