More than Presentable

You must take courage to admit your failings to Me. I watch you trying so hard to “do things right” all the time. I appreciate and value your attempts, because I know you do so out of love and honor for Me. But I long to do different works in you – ones that can only be accomplished in your frailty. Come to Me in all your brokenness. Release your WHOLE life to My care, not just offering what you feel is “presentable”. I will help pick up the pieces. Not one speck of dust from the acts and experiences that have crushed your spirit goes unnoticed or unattended by Me. I love you as you are. I never expect perfection. Your vulnerability, aches, annoyances, and disappointments matter greatly to Me. Release them to My hands, and be confident that I can restore you to a new wholeness. See how I make all things NEW. 

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