Thwarted Plans

Show love in the spur of the moment. It can become overwhelming trying to plan in advance for all the things you “intend” to do to bring goodness to others. Sometimes I thwart those plans with more pressing or present needs.  It’s okay to prepare and try to lay out positive plans, but I call you to be open to the winds of change I may put along your path. I thank you for your good intentions. I love that you honor Me in doing good works. I want to bless you – and others – in moments where My hand can accomplish what is most needed. Sometimes I even send angels to accompany you in allowing My will to be done. Be open to whatever I present to you today. You may be on the giving end, or I may place you on the receiving end. My design is so intricate, beyond your eyes or imaginings. In your response to others, as you strive to bring love into the moment, you may or may not even be aware of the dynamic change occurring. I design all things for Good. 

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