No “Spiritual Guilt”

Don’t get Me wrong. I do not ask for “spiritual guilt”, – thinking that you are somehow not measuring up to My demanding expectations or that things are ‘your fault’ when they aren’t turning out the way you think they should. Yes, I desire for you to be attentive to others, – a compassionate listener, caring friend, kind family member, patient colleague, – but I do not call you to do so to a point of depletion. I also don’t ask you to be walked on by others who mistreat or bully, thinking you have to always ‘just be nice’.  I never intend for my children to be abused. It’s perfectly okay to assert yourself when a voice of reason or justice is needed. It is also okay to back away and take time out for self-care, – to fill the well. Time with Me, – truly quiet and reflective – is the best way to do that. Be cautious about filling your well with things that won’t satisfy, led by false Gods or desires that aren’t of My intent for you. Learn how to be content in the stillness, even when all around you may be filled with discontent. If you sense ‘spiritual guilt’ rising in you, you are probably trying to do too much on your own. Bring it to Me to help you gain perspective, and hand the problems to Me. It’s okay to allow yourself to be at peace even when those around you are not. I am the One attending to the repairs needed; you don’t have to carry the pressure to ‘fix’ everything on your own.

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