Shed the Details

Hear Me: I do not “reprimand you” – I am not that kind of God! If you face challenges that seem to attack your spirit, know that I may be forming or shaping you more into My likeness, and so choose to say, “thank you”. Choose to TRUST, knowing that I will reveal Myself to you fully each step of your life.  My ways are not meant to be hard. Sometimes they call upon you to stop focusing on the details, enlightening simpler priorities and gleaning peace from it all as you learn a life of simplicity.  Stop fretting; stop “sweating the small stuff”. Release those daily annoyances that frustrate you so much, and know that My Peace is within your grasp. I’m not a punitive God trying to teach some sort of mean lesson to you. My peace will satisfy far more fully than what this world defines as accomplishment or success. My peace I leave you; My peace I give to you…Not as the world gives, do I give. Joy unimaginable! Wonder beyond belief. All of this is within your reach. Shed the unimportant details.  Seek peace, and follow after it.

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