Shortcomings Overlooked

Spend time with Me, – not rushed, – …focused.  Take pleasure in this sacred space. I know you are frustrated with yourself. Your shortcomings feel like they are controlling your every move. I don’t see it like that. Yes, I recognize the times when you are less-than-what-I-have-taught-you. I see the times of irritation and short temper. I also see the times of patience, kindness, and deliberate choices to serve other’s needs before your own. I see you trying to “hold it all together” or put up a strong front. I look at this whole package and love you ever-so-much. You are My beloved! Holy and chosen for Good purposes. Stop being so down on yourself. Stop worrying about appearances. People love you and are drawn to you. I need you to do My works without overextending yourself to a point of resentment and bitterness. Rest. Fatigue can make all things sour. Slow your pace today and allow yourself time to pause and recognize My Presence and My partnership with you and those around you.  

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