Restoration Project

You concentrate so much on showing love to others, which I appreciate.  You glorify Me when you do that.  But when you give to the point of exhaustion it means you have forgotten to allow yourself My gifts to YOU.  I call you to rest; I strengthen and replenish you as needed, too.  I call you to RECEIVE.  Have you allowed yourself to receive grace from others? If someone wants to lavish you with thoughtfulness, kindness or attention, allow yourself to receive it.  Don’t back away.  Like Mary Magdalene pouring precious oils to anoint Me, I want to pour abundant blessings upon you.  Don’t minimize the importance of these gestures, or turn away in misguided humility.  It is part of My “restoration project” – restoring your soul for infinite bonding with Me.  Receive, with gratitude.  Let me overwhelm you with LOVE.


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