Natural Self

There is power in connection and re-connection. Power to heal, power to anoint. Power to move forward and make new things happen. Keep listening, reaching out to those in need of My hand at work in renewed relationships. See how I make all things new.  Notice how involved I am as you reach out to others. I have called all to new life in Me. Simply speak the truth about that which you already know. Your beauty comes forth when you do that – eloquent and sincere.  I designed you to be this authentic self, without pretenses around others. Your humor, your sensitivity, your awareness of others needs and their desire for acknowledgement makes you a wondrous spiritual tool in My kingdom. Do not doubt your greatness or your capacity, and do not fear it. Let My Light shine BOLDLY in you today, without hesitation or concerns for “what others are thinking”. Be your natural self, and trust that this is Good.

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