All is Well

I have messages for you daily.  Try this one on for size: “All is well”.  Can you live with that? Will you trust Me completely with ALL the details of your life, imagining that I can help you rise above your circumstances to a point of wellness?  Do you hear Me pleading with you over and over again, that I might soothe your aching head and heart?  How I weep with you in your sorrows; how I laugh with you in your time of joy.  How I yearn to be included in your deepest thought time, to reassure you that “all is well” within your soul.  When your spirit turns to join with Mine, together we can accomplish all things, – GREAT things!   I will help iron out the details for you…but you must work on TRUSTING Me and handing your worries over to Me.  All of them. I have GOOD plans in store for you; plans for your welfare (well-being, wellness), NOT for dismay (or hurt, anxiety, unrest, rage, fear).  Remember that I love you, and cherish you, like no one else or no other thing can.

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