Which Way to Go

I will unfold directions for you one day at a time.  Today has challenges enough of its own.  If you try to do too much planning for the future, your head will be full and your capacity to feel the ease of My way for you will be diminished.  My precious, precious child – why do you get so anxious?  I will not leave or abandon you – EVER.  If you feel fearful, lost, or alone, wondering “which way to go”, – turn to look up at Me as I take your hand reassuringly and confidently.  Think of Me as your Guardian and TRUST ME FULLY that I will lead you on exactly where you need to go.  Keep your gaze upon Me whenever your steps feel unsteady or unsafe.  My hand will pull you up on the rocks of higher ground.  Enjoy the walk – don’t try to run ahead of Me without My guidance.  Slow down, and walk at My pace. You will find great peace in doing so.

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