You’ve heard me say it before: “Peace is flowing like a river”. What a glorious thing to take in: a whole RIVER of peace! Calm, restful waters; abundant flow; never-ending in its source and well-spring of goodness.  For some this river will seem as if it’s located in a different land, far away from you…but this is not accurate.  This river is glistening for YOU, awaiting your footsteps and wanting you to walk toward its shoreline.  Come to Me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome.  Come lay beside My restful waters.  Wash your hands clean of the stains and muddied hurts from the past. Rinse away the worries in My water of refreshment. If there are tears to shed, add them to My river flow and watch them flow downstream, where Grace will transform them from sadness to peace elsewhere for others who will need your comfort shared with them.  All things will be turned into good in My hands.

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