God’s “To Do” List

You are designed to be at peace. The world makes lifestyles convoluted with mixed up priorities, frenzied to-do lists, and misguided agendas.  Yes, I have things for you to do, but My way is designed to not overburden you beyond what you can handle.  Come to Me if you are weary and feeling overburdened.  Find a quiet place to speak to Me, and then hand your worries into My tender care.  Take time to listen, – REALLY listen, – in this quiet space.  I am a gentle God. Do not mistake gentleness for lacking in power, because I AM the great I AM and I can accomplish all things. But I may be calling you to sort out your priorities and to release things that are unimportant in My eyes.  In that quiet space, hear My forgiveness.  Let go of your tight grip on what you deem as “important”.  It is My job to determine importance, not yours.  Quiet time is essential for you to accomplish these tasks on MY to-do-list, and essential to helping you find the peace you so desire.  In the quiet you will also find renewal and strength.

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