Peace Comes from Within

I’ve already forgiven you, long ago and up to the very present. Now, forgive yourself. You are worthy of all of My love. I accomplish great works in you. You can be gentle as a lamb and courageous as a lion today. Your Spirit (which comes from Me) is much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Your capacity to love is great. Be other-centered out of love for Me. Take time to rest. True Peace comes from within, no matter what tasks you are or are not doing. Use that as your mantra. Imagine My Light enveloping you, and know that NOTHING, – no debt, no mis-interpretations or mis-perceptions, no anxiety, – can get in the way of My love for you or penetrate My desire for your well-being. You are forgiven, and you are loved; therefore, you can be at peace. Now, go forth and live like it!

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