Child-like Trust

You have been such a hard worker. I see your effort, and I know how hard you are trying. You have many talents! I will tell you where and how you should go in due time, guiding your feet on next steps when you are ready for them. Be open. Don’t be so anxious, because the truth is that I am always with you! I won’t let your feet stumble. I need you here at home and available to others for now. Don’t let yourself get down-hearted. Work on acceptance of My Good plan for you. I know you are scared and almost feel lost. I know. I am with you. Wrap yourself in My safe garments. Be child-like in your trust of Me even when the present doesn’t make sense and the future is unclear. Take My hand and I’ll walk you around My gardens and eventually down My path designed for you. Delight in this experience with child-like abandonment. 

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