You Are Needed

A loving, devoted follower looks like you, too. I need you. Choose to believe Me, and envision this! It’s okay to have opinions, and I’ve given you a humble, Godly voice. Show your willingness to voice them and act upon them as a leader among My people. Are you surprised that I’ve chosen you to lead? Don’t be. You are equipped to be a strong leader for many reasons: first, you care, and are passionate and diligent in your follow-through. Second, you listen well, grasping needs with clarity and sensitivity. People value your opinions because they know you have good intentions. Some may seem surprised or intimidated by the strength of your word and your presentation. My Grace will help soften those edges, but it requires that you turn to Me for help, and trust Me to make the moves. Don’t be discouraged by ruffled feathers. Time makes those settle back into place. Do My work to make amends where needed. You are needed, and you are loved. This is the truth that you must hold on to with confidence as you walk into new endeavors in the days ahead. Don’t forget: I am with you always. I listen. I prompt. I nudge. I hear. Seek My words of Grace to come through you, in you, and with you. A new year ahead: calling you to help build My kingdom. 

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