Lighten Up

Find something to make you laugh, or at least chuckle about, today. Anything, – except negative or destructive humor. You could use a little lightening up! Being so serious all the time can weigh you down. It weighs Me down just to see your furrowed brow. I notice how hard you are concentrating, giving evidence to the pressures you carry. I so desire to change your outlook. Let Me brighten the view for you. Think back to some place or experience that made you smile or belly laugh. Try to recall what your face looks like when deep laughter takes over. I am still a playful and joyful God, you know. When you find yourself under a heavy blanket of grief, depression, responsibility, or anxiety, I will rest there with you; – but I still call My people to places, moments, and glimpses of joy. Laughter equals the sound of hopefulness. Seek this lilting sound somewhere in your day. Be that ray of hope for others, even if all you can muster up is a half-smile. That’s a start. I am truly a God of hope, with the promise of Goodness to arise out of ashes. Join Me, if you can, in a moment of giddiness to ease and delight your Spirit. 

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