No Aimless Wandering

Do you find yourself feeling anxious already today? Don’t deny My Presence with you. I long for you to acknowledge Me. Actively seek to be communing with Me. Avoid wandering aimlessly into your day, – busy with tasks galore but absent-mindedly unaware that I am always with you. This kind of self-reliance will trip you up. Start your day with Me instead, asking for guidance. Be receptive to all I have in store for you. Familiarize yourself with My soothing voice expressing love for and confidence in you. This is not just “all in your head”. My love for you is real, and is the greatest truth you can ever know! I say it again: Don’t deny My Presence, both with you and in you. The richness of right relationship with Me has endless Goodness in store when you choose to be aware of Me and My purpose in your life. No more aimless wandering; come with Me into your day. 

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