You worry so much about doing things “right”. While I appreciate your effort, sometimes it is too focused on pursuing perfection and not on simply finding ME. I desire relationships more than outcomes. Your work in the material world requires data and measurable results. The challenge for you will be meeting those requirements, yet not being swayed by them. Achievements, ‘status’, accomplishments, ‘proof’, recognition… Yes, I made you to do the work you are doing, but I also call you to rest in My love and My presence, trusting that the only outcomes and results I ask for are based on love, forgiveness, and moving in faith. My kingdom is built by those cornerstones. I will continue to attend to all of your needs, with more than adequate supply of daily bread. Move steadily through this day, attending to each task or encounter with a countenance of peace, and a demeanor that shows love. This is all I ask. I will equip you for all things. I am ALWAYS with you; nothing I call you to will ever have to be done alone. 

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