You are richer than you think. When you look through narrowed eyes, seeing only earthly values, it feels like it’s never enough. Let Me widen your perspective to see all I am doing in your life. Blessing upon blessing, from every angle. More than enough to satisfy. See the truth in this richness. Relax your standards, and release your burdens to Me. Allow simplicity to rule today. Expend your energy only on the task that is before you, without giving in to the tendency to heap plans and worries on top. Widen your eyes to see all I am doing in this present moment. I care about you ever so deeply. Lift your eyes to the heavens when you most need to see where you are going, then practice the art of ENTRUSTING ME with the planning. I go before you, behind you, above you, inside you, – everywhere you go, I go. 

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