What to Wear

Clothed in radiance. I clothe you in radiance when you ask to follow My Spirit and My Will for your life. As you dress for the day wondering what to wear, put on My face, My intent. Conscientiously check your attitude over and work to eliminate judgement, irritation, and distrust. Shed those elements Рbut do so wisely by asking for My assistance, because you cannot remove them completely on your own. If you try to do this all by yourself you may get discouraged and even add in self-reproach to the dinginess you so long to rid your demeanor of. Let me gently help. Picture Me with you at all times, standing side by side as your prompter, encourager, and friend. Choose the faithful route, Рopting to stand by Me, as well. Choose to be My follower, an advocate for others, and a student of My ways. Wear the radiant robe of righteousness, adorned by Me to carry out great works. 

3 thoughts on “What to Wear

  1. When you think of God constantly, you become calm. (You live in love and trust, not fear and doubt.)
    When you are calm and your thinking quiets, you experience God.
    Experiencing God is being at peace.
    Soon you know that God IS peace.

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