Speak of Me

It is staggering how many people hunger for a relationship with Me but have no idea where to begin. I am not trying to avoid people; I am easy to find because I am always around and within each of you.  You already know it, so I ask you to teach others. Don’t doubt your capacity to form the words; I’ll hand them to you.  You don’t have to be scared to admit you know Me. Tell them to turn to Me in their daily challenges and needs. Talk about the beauty of how easily they will find Me in their midst, easing their pain and filling their void when they opt to turn their gaze to Me. Spread the Good News! Remind yourself of it, too. As you speak about Me more frequently and freely, you will find a new way of life unfolding: a glory-filled life in clearer and deeper awareness of My constant Presence and My Goodness. This inherently washes through you and will spill out onto others. They will seek you out in their thirst for Holy Relationship with Me. I’ll plant the opportunities. Show them how to look for and find Me, the Living Water. There is plenty in the well for all to thrive on. 

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