Rest Your Head

Imagine, if you will, a quiet place.  Warm temps, slight breeze, soft light.  Comforting surroundings.  A place where ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE BEING MET.  Go there in your mind and sit down.  Now, I come along to rest next to you. There is nothing unsettling or unsafe about My Presence. We sit together, relaxing, in silence.  You are aware of My Presence and it, too, comforts you. Today, try to remove the concerns, the worries, the comments, the decisions – all vying for time in your head.  Don’t worry about answers and solutions. Let the Light surrounding you FILL you. RESTORATION will result from this exercise.  You will be restored to right-thinking, restored of energy, replenished with peace in your spirit.  My Presence is enough to heal you.  Your needs ARE being met – choose to believe this, and trust will follow.  Come to Me in silence.  Rest your weary head. Enjoy My Presence.

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