Bogged Down in Self-Pity

Your feet have been bogged down in the mud and mire of self-pity and worldly distractions. These things do not serve you well or edify your Spirit. It makes Me sad to see you seeking comfort in things that will not satisfy. I have set a huge buffet before you filled with things that allow you to taste and see My Goodness. Take this quiet moment to notice what I place around you in the present: Light, warmth, color. While what I offer may not seem to fully relieve your pain, I assure you it will provide comfort. Dine with Me in the delights intended for today. Rinse your feet from things weighing you down and preventing the peace I offer on a platter for you.

#stopfeelingsorryforyourself; #nomoreanxiety; #Godssupplyisenough

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