I’ll Help You Focus

I am near…always by your side. Close your eyes and take a big breath to calm down. Listen for My reassurance and know you are loved. You are perfect in My eyes, even with the imperfections and quirks I designed in you. You have no idea the way others are drawn to you and are eager to listen to what you have to say. Don’t silence your voice in misguided shyness when I call you to speak. Listen well, also, in your day ahead. Breathe again, asking for My help to clear your head so you can interpret what is going on around you. I’ll help you focus on next steps, one task and one conversation at a time. Believe in the importance of your work at hand. Trust that nothing is too trivial to be part of My plan. Know that you are an intentional part of My design. 

2 thoughts on “I’ll Help You Focus

  1. I am so enjoying your blog, Martha! I am using your Spoken To Me as my daily devotion. I thank God daily for blessing you with this gift and enriching so many lives, in His name! Love you!


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