Lay your weary head on My shoulder. Let Me soothe away the strain. I am indeed pleased with you. Take time to hug your children, spouse, friends. Leave some chores for tomorrow, as there is time enough for everything. Take time for play and conversation each day. Work less hard, in the sense of taking things one task at a time to not overwhelm yourself. Look for Me in the eyes of others. You are a good and faithful servant. Others see you as kind, compassionate, passionate, capable, talented, loving. They recognize your fatigue, too; there is no need to hide it. Close your eyes and rest on My shoulder as you need to during the day; it will help comfort and rejuvenate you. Know that I am God. My desire is not for you to work yourself to the bone. Your true spirit is Goodness, and it is always there. You sometimes close your eyes to this truth, but I call you to stop doing that! Treasure your Spirit as I treasure you, and know that you can rest assured in Me. 

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