The Mast

Hold fast. Grip tightly! Cling to Me. Grasp hold of Me with all your might when the winds of turmoil start blowing, or when the demands of the world start overwhelming you. Let Me be the mast of your ship, sturdy and strong in the center of your life. Take My hand in the deep waters. I won’t ever let you down. Immediately I respond to you, always present and always more powerful than any force that tries to tear you down. Let My tender arms enfold you and calm your fears. Let Me shelter you safely amidst any turbulence. Nothing can shake My love for you. Nothing can separate you from My loving arms. 

2 thoughts on “The Mast

  1. Martha – the last 2 days have really spoken to me. Thanks so much for posting these!!! Hope you and Steve are well – love you guys!


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