Design for Good

Life: enriched and full. Bask in the Goodness I have surrounded you with. It is neither earned, nor doomed to be withdrawn or leave you empty-handed. The phrase “the Lord gives and the Lord takes away” mistakenly leaves many fearful that I am a mean God who enjoys teasing with dangling carrots, then pulls the rug out from under you. I am nothing like that! Yes, there are, and have been, and will be difficult times, – but your pain, grief, or suffering is never orchestrated by Me to make you learn a cruel lesson. No! My design is always for the GOOD. When bad things happen, I walk with you and find ways to lift you back up. I never abandon you. Nor do I want you to not enjoy an easier life, or one blessed with Good things. I delight in giving you joy and comfort. All I ask is that when you are in a balanced state with surplus, share the wealth. Be generous – of time, talent, and resources. Take notice of when I tug your heartstrings, nudging you to give or extend yourself in some way. Respond to My call. What you have been given is meant for the greater Good of all. 

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