There is time enough for EVERYTHING. Work will unfold, piece by piece, task by task before you. What I need accomplished may be results that you will never see. Be present fully to each task, each encounter, and the day will unfold as it should. Trust Me in that process. Go willingly into your day with this mindset. Instead of feeling like it’s “all up to you”, reach for My hand and take a walk with Me. It’s OK to take a break.  Feel and notice My Presence with each door you enter. Let Me carry the load for a while. I will hand off to you small tasks along the way which you are fully equipped to handle, by My design. Let Me give you the work to do in reasonable increments. Pause to thank Me for My Presence and guidance. You can be at peace even in busy times because you are never alone! I am with you. I AM is with you. 

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