The Bouquet

Behold each person you encounter today as being a splendid and beautiful arrangement in My eyes. Their unique bouquet is designed by the Master Florist. It is not your job to judge the design. You tend to see with quick judgement, – calling things “beautiful”, “good”, or “well put-together”, or naming them as “not-so-pretty”, “not worthy of your time”, even “distasteful”. Work on softening your opinions and try considering My perspective as a filter to see things with a more gracious, accepting heart. This takes practice. It may call you to curb your appetite for gossip, criticism, or making negative remarks on the side to others. You can replace these habits over time with My help and with an intentional focus. Learn to stop and smell the roses in a new level of appreciation for those who are different from you. Find secret joy in this loving act of acceptance. Notice how it changes you more into My likeness. You may even discover that you can be less hard on yourself in the process. You are each an integral, beautiful, and much-needed component of My bouquet. 

2 thoughts on “The Bouquet

  1. “Accept things as they are” – for me, that is the secret.
    Where there is perception, there can be deception.
    Are you SURE about what you are seeing?
    The rude person in the grocery aisle, the discourteous driver behind you.
    You don’t know about them or the reasons for their behavior.
    Work on yourself.
    Changing them is not your job.

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